Advisory was Released by CBSE Against the Rumors on the Social Media

At the forefront of the board examinations for the core subjects, the cbse or central board of education had unconfined a review for the students against the fake news on the major social Medias. CBSE’s letter is a preventative endeavor to keep away from the circumstances was faced by the board in the last year throughout the board exams when gossip of leaking of question paper endlessly plagued it. The board’s exams for the clas1oth students started on the 21st February and the board exams for the class 12th started on 15th of February. The exams started with the occupational subjects.

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CBSE took a firing step against the rumors on social media.

It was informed in the notice that was released by the board that public should also take the responsibility of smooth and fair conduct in the exam. The board has also spoke about the fake news on the leaking of the question paper, and said, “It had been noticed that some of the unprincipled and dishonest people in past widenrumor by spreading fake messages/videos on face book, YouTube, twitter and other platforms of social medias, evidently with the purpose of dispersalof bewilderment and terror among the parents, students, public and schools."

With the help of this notice by CBSE board, the people are involved in such activities, that a warning is given to them to hold back themselves from such unprincipled deeds.

By chance if any information leaks out to the notice of the cbse board then immediate fair actions will be taken by the provisions of the law by the CBSE board.

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In the year 2018, CBSE had to endure paper leak gossips. While, the economics paper of the 12th standard and paper leak if class 10th board examinations were found not be a fake news and infact, a true thing. To be a fake story and circulated only to create panic among students.

 On this Thursday CBSE denied the information that the accountancy question papers of class 12 had leaked, emphasize that all seal were found unharmed in the examcenters.

The Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE)told that it went to the police to file a case against those rumors or “false” information via social media platforms and Whatsapp.

Nowadays whenever examination comes near by it is very obvious to come across this sort of fake news during the examination. CBSE board clearly denied that paper was leaked last year and they have given a strict warning to the culprits as a press statement. There are people make their career out of making fake news and making up trolls in face book, YouTube, instagram and many other social medias but they do not pay any heed to what is the impact of all this to the innocent parents and the students watching or coming across this news. The board clearly said that they are taking strict action against these trolls.

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