Winter Season Essay

Winter Season! A Season of Renaissance and Recreation!

Winter Season! Extended Nights and Shorter Days!

Winter Season! A Season of Shimmer, Sparkle and Snow!

Winter Season! Sizzling trees and Chilled Wobbly Winds!

Winter Season! The Sky is Grey and the Geese are flying South!

Winter Season! Time for Jingle Bells and Santa Caps in the town!

Winter Season! It’s time to Greet, Fun, Frolic and Celebrations!

Winter Season! The Pleasure of Hot Chocolate on the Brownie!

Winter Season! Cozy Classic Knit sweaters, hats and scarves!

Winter Season! It’s the time to Cuddle, Comfort and Warmth!

Winter Season! Time of the year when its Magical all around.

Winter Season Essay for Students

Winter Season is one amongst the four main seasons in the basket of Nature for Mankind. The other three seasons are summer, autumn and spring. Winter Season is the coldest period of the year and it comes between the autumn season and spring. Winter season has its own significance and is well known as not just a season, but a time for celebration, rejoice and preparations. Winter season is the time when nature is at peace, planning and preparing for its journey towards the coming season of new life. Therefore, the winter season is special and magical in its own way.

Winter Season Essay

Winter season across the Globe is a very interesting concept as a whole. Everything reflects around the equator of our mother Earth. The variations of the winter season around the globe differs according to the Earth’s Hemispheres which truly is very fascinating to discuss and understand. The part of the Earth located north to the equator is called the Northern Hemisphere. Winter season in the northern hemisphere comes on the beginning of December and concludes by the end of February with January as the coldest month of the winter season in this hemisphere. Whereas, the part of the Earth located to the south of the equator is called the Southern Hemisphere. Winter season in the southern hemisphere comes in the beginning of June and concludes by the end of August. Interestingly, there are some places on the Earth which are near to the equator where there is no winter season at all. There is very less temperature variation near the equator throughout the year, thus, the concept of winter season, summer, autumn or spring does not apply in this portion of the Earth.

Moving forward let us talk about Winter Season in our Country India. Winter season is considered to be the most significant season on our side of the Earth. It is the coldest time of the year which starts from the beginning of December and concludes by the end of March. Winter season is at its extreme in the month of December and January. This is the time when most of the high mountain regions of the country experience heavy snow fall. The chilly cold winds from the mountains travel to the plains and sprinkle the winter wave both ways. The people on the mountains experience the sparkling snowflakes falling down and the melting of snow in their hands.  The sun in the winter season takes a short cut which makes the days very small. On the other side the chilly nights covered with snow are extended to cover up the time zone and give an absolute feeler of the winter season. These shorter days with very little or sometimes no sunlight and sinking temperatures highlights the distinctive natural magnificence. Nature has its own way to beautify the mother Earth. The winter season cover the surroundings with an alluring white sheet. The days might end early in the winter season but the spectacular sunrise absolutely makes up for the day. This light of winter season becomes the inspiration for poetry of patience and contention.     

Although the days are the shortest in the winter season but they are still filled with the numerous wonders of the nature. This is the time when schools and other educational institutions go on vacations and makes it the best time for fun-filled activities, celebrations and adventures. There are many indoor, outdoor activities and sports in which people involve themselves into, during this winter season. Snow adds a different flavor to the winter sports. From celebrating the holidays to enjoying ice skating in the local park, there is no crunch of fun activities during the winter season. The other fun-filled sports which people who prefer outdoor activities love to try in this season are skiing, hiking, snow tubing and snowboarding in the mountains. Well, out of all ice skating is the most preferred classic winter season activity which majority of the people enjoy all season long. These outdoor winter time activities are a great way to get some fresh breather during these non-sunny winter days. Sledding is another classical recreational activity for winter season which does not involve much of skill. Just imagine! No matter what your age is, sliding down snowy hill on a low friction board or tube will be so much fun. There are many other prime time outdoor activities to keep the sports fans occupied during the winter season. To name some are ice hockey, basketball, football, super bowl, etc. These outdoor games in the winter season add lot of thrill, adventure and excitement but should be practiced with complete consciousness and precautions. On the contrary there are people who become completely centric in these chilly winter days and prefer to keep themselves indoors, protected preparing their body and mind for the upcoming seasons and challenges of the year. Such people choose curling up by the fire and playing indoor board games like Chess, Ludo, Scrabble, Boggle, Pictionary, Monopoly, Puzzles, Snakes and Ladder, Carom Board, etc. Action filled indoor games like Hide and Seek, Treasure Hunt, Musical chair, etc., can also be added to the winter season to add some thrill in the environment.

Appropriate Food and clothes are the basic necessities of the winter season. Honey, Ghee, Dry fruits, Jaggery, Ginger, Cinnamon, Tulsi, Sweet Potato and Saffron are on the top priority list of Indian winter healthy foods. In simple language the foods which take more time to digest can increase the body temperature and make us feel warmer. Thus, selection of the winter menu should be done accordingly to suit the stomach and improve overall warmth. To keep the body warm people, wear woolen clothes to add comfort in their lives during the chilly winter season. Winter clothes include coats, sweaters, jackets, gloves, scarves, hats, etc. These specific winter season clothing is the need of the hour and a necessity during the winter time.

Winter season is supreme time for the plants and trees to be at ease and make arrangements for the upcoming season. It’s the time for preparations for recreations. The frost on the plants also facilitate them to understand how much force they need to gather to grow and be filled with young and green leaves in the coming spring season. Along with the preparatory part the winter season also completely enjoys the beauty of nature. There are strong trees and beautiful flower plants which love the winter season and also have the strength to survive in low temperatures. Coniferous trees and Deciduous trees are the typical type of trees which can survive the winter season. Coniferous trees have seeds which comes in cones and help them to tolerate the extreme cold climate, whereas Deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter season as a measure to stand the chill. Blue Spruce is a beautiful tree of the winter season which looks extraordinary when covered with snow. It has the capacity to live without the sun and look beautiful also. People also decorate them during the special occasions like Christmas and New Year. Wintergreen Boxwood, as the name suggest, is another tree which loves the winter season and remains green even in extreme cold surroundings.

Another very interesting fact is that gardens can flourish better in winter season than in summers. Sunlight is the prime factor in summers but in winter season plants minimizes the weed in the soil which results in higher standards of gardening in the other seasons. Moreover, flowers and plants of winter season usually comes in bright colors and a very soothing smell which also affects and adds calmness to the mind. The plants in the winter season leaves an impact on the entire cultivation process by moistening the ground and preserving the fertility of the soil. Winter season provides a large variety of plants with different shapes, sizes and colors like Peace Lily, Zebra plant, Spider plant, Marigold, Clarkia, Sweet William, Gerbera, etc. These colorful vibrant flowers beautify the mother Earth with its style, color and fragrance.

Winter season can be a testing time for most animals. The falling temperatures and cold breeze add to their difficulty levels of finding food and shelter. Different animals have their own different plans to safe guard themselves from the winter season. Some animals migrate to comparatively warmer lands while others simply grow more fur, which keeps them warm. Fishes swim towards south or to deeper warmer waters to stay alive during the winter season. There are animals like bats, snakes, bears, etc., who go into hibernation to survive the winter season. Hibernation is a deep sleep which helps in conserving energy when sufficient food is not available. Similarly, birds also fly to other countries which have better and warmer climatic conditions favorable for them to get sufficient food and shelter in the winter season. On the other hand, there are birds which stay at their original place and face the winter season in their own unique ways. Thus it becomes the prime responsibility of us as humans to take care of these tiny species by proving them with food and shelter to the maximum possible during the cold winter season.

Winter season is festive in nature and thus includes a series of winter carnivals, celebrations and prayers. It is a very special time of the year as it also comprises of many auspicious festivals belonging to people of all religions and beliefs. Most of the wide variety of multicolor winter season festivals are conducted in the month of December to February. Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan is the most auspicious and biggest festival of winter season, celebrated in India on the 14th of January every year. This day of the winter season is marked as the most significant harvest day for our country. This day is celebrated using multicolored kites, traditional songs and sweets to greet and thank God. It is also titled as the International Kite Festival in Gujarat. Lohri, the most famous Punjabi festival of winter season. It is the festival of bonfire celebrated on the shortest day of the year. The people of Punjab enjoy this festival with Punjabi folk songs along the bonfire with the fun-filled Punjabi dhool and Sarson da saag to greet the cool breeze of the winter season. Lohri is also celebrated across Northern India with lot of thrill and excitement. Magh Bihu, also called as Bhogali Bihu is a significant harvest festival of winter season celebrated in Assam. It is enjoyed with bonfires and yummy treats as it is well known to be the food festival of Assam. People acknowledge it by foods like Sunga Pitha, Til Pitha, Laru and also honour the occasion by playing games like Tekeli Bhonga and Buffalo Fighting. Now let’s move towards the southern part of the country. The Thai Pongal, belongs to the Tamils. It is yet another harvest festival of winter season celebrated at a stretch of four days from 13th of January to the 16th of January every year. Pongal Pandigai, Bhogi Pandigai, Kaanum Pongal and Maatu Pongal are other special festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu amid the winter season. These festivals are devoted to the lord of fire, son of God, cattle and birds. Christmas, yet another very famous winter season festival believed mainly by the Christian community but celebrated by almost every country and town. People celebrate this festival by visiting and praying in the church, singing special songs, decorating the Christmas tree and exchanging gifts with family and friends. Winter season comes up with holidays and decorations lighted up on the streets with the winter festive cheer, jingle bells, traditional folk songs and Punjabi ‘Dhool to greet this amazing time of the year.

This article celebrates the winter season by highlighting all its small and big significant aspects which makes this season so special. Therefore, enjoy the amazing winter season filled with celebrations with your family and friends. Best Wishes!

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