NTSE Scholastic Assessment Test Geography

When it comes to NTSE, students take Geography lightly. They're not paying a lot of attention to this subject, but can you even lose one mark in your NTSE? You don't have to spend hours preparing for a subject like Geography. The questions are objective and save your time and energy straightforward. You should be thorough with all the chapters paying attention to minute details in order to plan for Geography. To help strengthen your geography stronger, we provide you with a collection of online mock tests for geography practice. Geography most important subject in whole NTSE syllabus because it covers many topics like water resources, agriculture, Biosphere, Diversity and livelihood, resources and development, internal structure of the earth and rocks, major domains and landforms, solar system, Drainage in Indian, Indian physiographic division motion of the earth etc. Here you can get Geography online mock test. Just click this link and practice the Geography subject online test. 

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