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NTSE Biology subject covers many topics such as cellular level of Organization, food production & management, fibers and plastic, Diversity in living organisms, human body, Heredity Evolution and life processes etc. Remembering so much theory and so many terminologies is complicated. A little support can always be valued by students. Isn't that? By providing the entire important online Biology mock exam that you are most likely to see in NTSE, we want to support you. These online tests will provide you with an insight into the type of questions that will be asked during the exam. A theory-based topic is often ignored when it comes to science preparation Students usually give more attention to physics and chemistry, but forget about the value and weight of Biology. You Science marks are as much based on biology as on the other two subjects. Here you can get Biology online mock test. Just click this link and practice the Biology subject online test

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Most important topics for NTSE biology

To prepare effectively for the NTSE exam, you need to know the most important biology topics that allow you to score well in NTSE. Time management is important for the systemic planning of NTSE. You need to schedule your studies smartly, based on how much time you will spend on the subject and its subject. Our specialists in biology will provide you with the collection of NTSE's most relevant biology topics.

Control and coordination

Control and coordination are the first main NTSE biology topics The control and coordination take place through the endocrine system including the nervous system and hormone system Try to study this topic in detail as it can also be connected to other topics. You can solve the online mock test of the subject of Biology to study this topic in detail.

Life processes

Life processes are the second most important topic in Biology for NTSE. All living things perform life processes that are processes completed by the organism that are necessary to keep them alive and function well.  These mock tests are designed specifically by experts in biology who are themselves successful doctors As an aspirant to NTSE, study carefully to score well.


Diversity is the third most important and scoring topic in Biology for NTSE exams. Biodiversity is the shortened form of two terms, “biological” and “diversity,” relating to the whole variety of life on Earth.


Heredity is the fourth most important topic of the NTSE biology examination. Heredity is the transfer of traits, either through asexual reproduction or sexual reproduction, from parents to their offspring. The offspring cells or individuals are receiving their parents ' genetic information. You should solve the online mock test of this subject for a practice of this topic.


Reproduction is the fifth major topic in biology for the NTSE review. Reproduction is an essential feature of every human thing. Reproduction is also the mechanism by which a living organism creates its path. You should solve the online mock test of the subject of Biology and study yourself for the best analysis.

NTSE preparation Strategies

  1. By resolving the question papers of the previous year, aspirants can obtain a complete overview of the level of difficulty and categories of questions asked in the NTSE exam.
  2. Start preparing your NTSE with class IX and X NCERT books. Also, you can refer to class XI textbooks to check some class IX and X concepts. NCERT books contain all the NTSE examination concepts and syllabus. Start with the basics instead of plunging into heavy books of preparation.
  3. While solving mock tests and papers from the previous year, you’ll get to learn the best subject and where you need to pay more attention.
  4. Time management is of primary importance as you have a few different minutes to answer as many questions as possible. For this, it is necessary to solve mock tests in the given time period as it will assist you in dealing with the pressured exam environment.
  5. Develop a study plan and devote more time to these parts after knowing your weakest topic.
  6. Only based on NCERT Syllabus will the paper be designed So, practice as much as you can the NCERT concepts There is no method of getting good marks with a shortcut. The more you practice the better the odds of being picked will be. Further training always gives you confidence, strong knowledge of the subject, and more precision.

Note that the NTSE syllabus is not limited to the topics mentioned above. You need to be familiar with all the topics and concepts in class 9 and 10 NCERT books to score well.

You need to solve a sufficient number of NTSE practice questions each time you finish a chapter until you feel confident about the segment. NTSE mock tests must also be solved and the results analyzed Based on your examination results, you need to focus both academically and skillfully on your weaknesses.

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