Tricks for Utilization of additional time introduced in CBSE Board Exams

Tricks for Proper Utilization of Add-On 15 Minutes introduced in CBSE Board Exams

The intend of this article is to share the best suggestions and guidelines to utilize the extra 15 minutes provided for reading the question paper in CBSE Board Examination. These extra minutes facilitates the students to mentally work out 60 – 70 % of the CBSE Board Question paper while reading and increase the probability of percentage and upgrade it to the distinction category.

Tricks for Utilization of additional time introduced in CBSE Board Exams

During the preparations of CBSE Board Examinations, be it for Class 10th or Class 12th, at the last moment, when they are on the last round of revision, students tend to search for tips from the experts about how to excel the board examination with grace. There is one common strategy which almost all teachers and experts share and talk about, and that is “Time Management”. Knowing the subject well is one part, which is the basic requirement to attain success in the board examination. But the other part is time management, which is equally or rather more important. All board examinations, including the CBSE Board Examination is time bound. For that matter, if the student is well- prepared for the subject but is not able to completely pen down the relevant information on the board answer sheet in the prescribed time, then it is as good as not preparing. Thus, time management becomes the most significant factor in board exams. This is where the additional 15 minutes given before the commencement of the CBSE Board Examination play a key role in providing some extra time to plan for the most effective attempt which finally takes the students towards their desired results.

Since the introduction of these extra 15 minutes by the CBSE Board for reading the board question paper before commencement, a very common question which comes in the mind of mostly all students is that- What is the best way to use this bonus time provided by the CBSE Board towards achievement of optimum results?

Moving forward in this article, let us find the answer to all such queries and concerns by sharing the finest techniques all students should follow while utilising the additional 15 minutes’ time given to read and analyse the question paper before actually starting it.

The thought behind initiating the supplementary 15 minutes’ time is to give a chance to the students appearing for the board exams to thoroughly read the questions and arrange them in the doable sequence as per their current knowledge of the subject fresh in their memory lane. Like it is said, if the initial drafting is done effectively, the chances of best results brighten up on its own. Every student gets only 3 hours to complete the paper, so the outcome depends on how well prepared the students are to attempt the answers in the scheduled time. The best part is that, these 15 minutes are extra to the 3 hours, which are given to the students before they receive the board answer sheets. In these 15 minutes’ students get an opportunity to draft an effective plan to solve the question paper in terms of prioritising the questions and deciding upon the outline of the answers. The students who are more methodical end up with a better score.

On the contrary, when this extra 15 minutes was not available to the students for reading, analysing and drafting a plan, many students used to get a nervous break- down after receiving the board question paper in their hand. The initial 7 to 10 minutes from the already limited 3 hours got blown away in simply reading and understanding the board question paper. And soon after that when it’s time to draft a mental plan as to how to start attempting the questions, most of the students get baffled due to the clicking clock and increasing time. Now the most worrying part is that a baffled mind takes a hell lot of more time to finally come to an effective conclusion.

Therefore, these add-on 15 minutes of bonus time added from the CBSE Board has come up as a blessing and given the students a trump card for the Board Examination. All what is required is to Capitalize this critical time methodically and intelligently.

To make the process of understanding easy, let us discuss the below mentioned tips for proper utilization of the extra 15 minutes reading time to reach the ultimate score as desired by the students appearing for the forthcoming board examinations:

Train your mind to Perform: A healthy mind set is the key to success. Thus, first of all, it is mandatory for the students to train their respective minds to master the board examination regardless of their actual levels of preparations. At this time, the time to access how much has been prepared is gone and now is the time for real action. So, irrespective of the knowledge gained and present in the memory lane based on the respective subject, the current mind set should be of success, so that, the students remain positive, confident and keep their best foot forward. Practise Latest CBSE Sample Papers to gain more understanding.

Verification of Question Paper: Cross-checking or verification of the board question paper is the most important step. It is the Necessary Check Point! The students should inspect the question paper thoroughly before initiating to write. There are times when there are missing numbers, order, words or even missing questions or pages due to printing or other flaws. All students are required to dedicate their first 2-3 minutes to check the question paper for all such possible faults like disturbed serial numbers, page numbers and questions improperly presented and immediately inform the teacher examining in the hall about the same.  In case such flaws are tracked in between or towards the end of attempting the question paper, it may lead to lot of nervousness and can also impact the performance of the student.

Examine and Prioritize the Questions: These extra 15 minutes in the board exams are primarily provided to the students to thoroughly read and understand the asked questions. Understanding is necessary because then the students can make an effective plan and decide upon how to proceed in the answer sheet also. The students need to highlight the questions they are sure of attempting without any doubt or confusion, so that the same can be performed without any disturbance. Also another important point is to mark aside the questions which they are not sure about, so that they don’t waste their time on it. Such questions should be attempted in the end. If priorities are well thought and plotted in advance, this helps in an effective execution process as well.

Organise the Essential and Scarcest Resource- “Time”: Time is most precious in all examinations and specially in CBSE Board Examination, as it is a game of only 3 hours. Now, different questions and sections have separate difficulty level and demand individual time and efforts to rationalize the asked question accordingly. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for the students to allot the time in hand strategically so that all the sections are covered properly. The decided time line should be inclusive of all the details, diagrams and equations required to answer the question. Defining the time limit within sections help the students to conclude the examination well in the prescribed time.

Make Points while Reading: Another smart move which the students can apply during these additional 15 minutes is to write the main points on the question paper with pencil, while reading and analysing the CBSE Board question paper. When the students are reading the questions there are multiple points which comes in mind with respect to the answers. It is better to make pointers which can be simply elaborated latter while writing on the answer sheets. This saves time and also helps the students in providing extra time in the end to attempt the difficult questions which they are not sure about.

Decode Easy Questions Mentally: During reading and analysing the board question paper in these additional 15 minutes, the students who are thorough with their subject tend to resolve many simple questions in their mind itself. Before even getting the answer booklet, the easy questions are solved mentally and then it is just the matter of jotting it down on paper once the examination bell rings and the students get the answer sheets in their hands. This improves efficiency of the students and saves a lot of precious time. The answers too are much better framed and presented which upgrades the score in the report card.

Strive for MCQs and One Word Answers: While reading the question paper in the bonus 15 minutes, it is best to tick the correct option in MCQs and imprint the one word answers using a pencil. These answers to the typical questions are ready before even getting the answer booklet. Latter, once the students receive the answer sheet, they simply need to mark it without putting any additional thought or effort to it. 

Finally, it can be concluded that the extra 15 minutes introduced by the CBSE Board literally decodes 60- 70 % of the question paper before even getting the answer sheets in their hands. This is the bonus reading time provided to the students to strategically frame the process of executing the board question paper.

Hopefully, the above mentioned discussion points in the article will facilitate the students’ in applying these additional 15 minutes to the best of their abilities and lead to the desired results.

Good Planning and its Proper Execution leads to the Desired and Optimum Results! Best Wishes! 

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