How to Effectively Answer CBSE Board Examination Question Papers

The intend of this article is to share the best ways to answer the CBSE Board Examination. Usually most of the students tend to become nervous at the times of the board examination. In this article we will share the most effective ways to make the answers to the CBSE Board question paper effective in terms of quality of answers and scores without being anxious and tensed.   

It has been commonly noticed that students tend to become little tense and nervous once they reach the board examination hall. Irrespective of how well they have prepared for the board exam, but if the students are not able to align their conception understanding and knowledge in the board answer sheet in an effective way, then the entire academic year efforts will go in the drain. The influence of the strain is so overpowering that the students tend to forget the portions of course they had studied and revised multiple times during their preparatory schedules. Although this condition is very typical and cannot be avoided but definitely it can be made little simple by applying the relevant and needful tips while attempting the question paper in the CBSE Board Examination Hall.

How to Effectively Answer CBSE Board Examination Question Papers

Moving forward let us discuss some such relevant tips useful while preparing and appearing for the CBSE Board Examination in the best interest of the students.

1)   Proper Utilization of Bonus Time: Bonus time of fifteen minutes has been initiated by mostly all school boards, including the CBSE Board. It is the additional time which is given to the students before the actual commencement of the CBSE Board Examination. This additional time creates extra space for the students to peacefully read the question paper and jot a strategy to solve the CBSE board paper in the most efficient way. Once the plan is ready in the mind of the students, it becomes easy to implement it in an organized and effective manner. These 15 minutes turn out to be the most crucial preparatory time in the war field for the students appearing for the board exam. As a result, the students are calm and at peace while attempting the examination which in turn leads to optimum results.

2)   Perform according to Priorities: Prioritizing the questions is the most important step in CBSE Board Examination. Time plays a big role and thus proper utilization of it is most essential. In board exams it is not compulsory to attempt the questions as in the question paper, the sequence of the answers can be different in order. So, the students should choose and attempt the questions first which they are sure and confident about. This gives the students the right start which helps in boosting their confidence for the rest of the questions which are comparatively difficult. Prioritization helps in Confidence building leading to success in the board examination with good scores.

3)   Stick to the Word Limit: In the board examination, it is important for the students to write brief, to the point answers. They are required to deeply read and understand the question and then answer within the mentioned word limit. Every question in the CBSE Board examination has a prescribed word limit according to which the students are expected to express their knowledge of the subject in the most appropriate manner. Dragging the answer beyond the word limit leads to losing the actual context of the subject and degrades the quality of the answer sheet. For example, if the question demands the definition of a subject, it is not required to write down extra details like features, advantages, disadvantages, causes, etc. Most of the students feel that writing more will fetch them more marks but it’s actually not true as it will only waste the precious time of the students and at times also lead to down fall in the final scores.

4)   Correct Choice of Questions: There are questions in the CBSE Board exams which have choices. At this point of time the student is supposed to select one amongst the multiple choices given in the board question paper. This is a very tricky time where choices can make a lot of difference in the performance of the student. The decision of the right question should be made very carefully after reading all the options available. Many times it happens that after making a choice students feel that they could have attempted the other question better than the question they have selected. Thus it is very important to do a mental analysis of the answers according to one’s knowledge and then finally select the question. This will help the students to put their best foot forward in the CBSE Board Examination and enroot their path towards their desired goal.

5)   Train your mind to Answer all Questions: The best thing about CBSE Board Examination is that it does not apply negative marking for the wrong answers. So there should be no reason of worrying and skipping any question due to memory loss or lack of knowledge about the asked topic. The students should attempt all given questions with whatever best they know of the subject. It is not necessary that a student will know the answers to all questions but knowing the fact that there is no negative marking for wrong answers, one must give it a fair try. Firstly, the answers well known should be attempted and then the questions with a doubt should be taken into account. The evaluators are always looking for key words and conception terms. So students should try and use the known key words and write whatever best they can to describe the asked topic in their own words. On trying there is a certain possibility of generating few grace marks.

6)    Colours Don’t Fetch Extra Marks: It is noticeable that many students use colours in their board examination answer sheets. Few students decorate their answers by underlining the headings with markers. Pointers of different colours are utilised to highlight terminology and important formulae and concepts. This is done with a mind-set of impressing the evaluator and gaining bonus marks. But on actual grounds this technique does not really work well in CBSE Board Exams for bonus marks. It does not fetch extra points, rather it leads to losing the time which is most precious for the students in the board examinations. The CBSE Board examination is time bound and thus the entire focus of the students should be on attempting the questions in the most appropriate way within the given time limit and not focusing on the colourful presentation of it. The officially allowed colours in CBSE Boards are blue and black. The use of pencil is recommended for making diagrams and graphs. Download Latest CBSE Worksheets.

7)   Proper Line and Word Spacing: Line spacing and word spacing play an important role in the CBSE Board examination. It is essential to present what you know about the subject in the most appropriate manner to score the best possible marks. The students should ensure that they keep proper spacing between words so that the answer is clearly visible to the evaluator. If the words are stuffed in a sentence, they start overlapping each other and it becomes difficult for the examiner to understand the answer in one go and it might also lead to loss of marks. Also, proper line spacing should be given between two answers. It is recommended that the students should use points while answering the questions, wherever possible. It is the prime responsibility of the students to keep the answer sheet neat and well managed. This attitude of proper and organised presentation will definitely lead the students to optimum result.

Here are some quick essential tips which will facilitate the students to write the answers in the most appropriate way in the CBSE Board Examination:

  1. The words utilised in every answer should be conforming to the marks assigned to the respective question.
  2. Use of required conception terms and keyword should be encouraged rather than simply increasing the size of the answer.
  3. Use crisp and to the point words to improve the quality of the CBSE Board Answer Sheet.
  4. Overwriting, smudging and cutting of the words, phrases and sentences should be strictly avoided. It can create confusion.
  5. Relevant formulas, equations, graphs and diagrams should be included wherever required to make the board answer sheet worthy of the attempt.
  6. Short forms and casual abbreviations should be strictly prevented in the board exams. It can represent a casual approach of the student and can also lead to degrading the impression on the examiner.
  7. Elementary words and Important terminology should be used by the students to explain the answer correctly and gain marks.


8)   Avoid Anxiety and Stress: Where ever there is an exam, anxiety and stress is very natural. And specially when we are talking about CBSE or any other board exam, it becomes far more obvious. During the examination it is very natural that students might not know answers to all questions present in the question paper. This is the time when the students need to defeat the stress with the force of confidence and positivity. One should be confident and first attempt the known answers to the best of their abilities. Anxiety at this time can also disturb the answers to the questions well known to us, so the students should absolutely avoid it. Because it is of No Good! Once the known part is done in time, then the students should pick the difficult ones. Mind should be absolutely composed and focused while doing such questions. As there is no negative marking for wrong answers, students should try these difficult questions without any doubt using the known terms to the best of their knowledge. The need of the hour is to just keep your self-confidence in place while attempting the CBSE Board Examination.

9)   Cross Check your Answers: Last but not the least, it is very important for the students to cross check their answer sheet at least twice before submitting it. There is very much a possibility that in the hurry of finishing the board paper in time, the student may do a silly mistake or miss a question or part of a question. All these and similar mistakes can be checked and rectified by cross checking the answer sheet. Many a times despite of being extra careful, the students might miss on writing an important formula, equation or phrase without which scoring full marks for the question is next to impossible. It’s there in the mind but slipped on jotting it down on paper! So it’s better to be Safe than Sorry! So, re-check all answers before submission rather than feeling sorry after coming out of the board examination hall. Along with re-checking the answers, it is also essential for all students to cross check the important credentials which are required to be filled on the answer sheet, specially the roll number. This is a very basic yet significant information which needs to be filled without which the student will not get the due credit of their performance in the board examination and hard work of the entire academic year.

Finally, it may be concluded that, all students should attempt their CBSE Board Examination Answer Sheets with full confidence without being anxious. Writing should be according to the specified word limit for all sections and questions and lastly rechecking and cross checking of the answers and credentials is a crucial aspect which should be followed by all means.  

Hopefully, the above mentioned 9 Significant techniques will help the students in arranging the board answer booklet in the most appropriate manner within time limit specified by the CBSE Board Authorities. Implementing these tips will facilitate the aspiring students to reach to their desired goal of Optimum Result in the CBSE Board Examination.

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How to Effectively Answer CBSE Board Examination Question Papers

The intend of this article is to share the best ways to answer the CBSE Board Examination. Usually most of the students tend to become nervous at the times of the board examination. In this article we will share the most effective ways to make the answers to the CBSE...

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