Get photocopies of answer sheets from CBSE

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board has released a recent notification for the students and parents in which they have declared that the Education Board is already following the regulations based on the RTI rules to charge the money from the candidates in order to get their Photocopies for the answer sheets from the CBSE board.

Many media and reporters reported CBSE board has no proper clarification for the amount being collected for the question papers from the candidates. Some people also reported CBSE board is charging 2rs to get the Photocopies of answer sheets and this is a new way of charging extra amount from the candidates. CSBE board on the recent notification clearly mentioned that they are getting these 2rs from the candidates for a long time, and also specified that this is not a new policy added in their board. CBSE board also added, "We are strictly following the RTI rules and we are not getting the extra amount from the candidates to get the answer sheet copies". “Now it is a big easement for the CBSE students and parents: Students can get the answer sheet copy easily, and they are available for just Rs.2 per page”, “CBSE board is all set to provide the copy of the answer sheets to the students who want to check their answer sheet and marks for Rs.2 per page".

The press release clarifies in favor of the CBSE board because the notification release from the board has clearly explained that their CBSE board is already complying the RTI rules and charging the money for the copies of answer sheets properly without any adding extra money.

“The order of Honorable Supreme Court of India which is given on the date 29.10.2018 is repeated here for the public notice information: “The judge of the supreme court stated, CBSE board is charging the fees on the correct basis based on the Information Act, 2005. For each photocopy, they can charge Rs.2 from the students and according to the law,  whenever a student need to re-verify or revaluate or recheck or total the paper, he/she needs to pay the amount to the CBSE board to get the photocopies of their answer sheets. Supreme Court also added charges for the answer sheets will be received from the students only based on the CBSE Regulations from the board.

Consequently, similar applications were also closed by the Supreme Court due to the RTI act. According to the RTI Act, a student who needs to see a copy of his answer sheets of Board Exams for Class 10 and Class 12 must pay the fee as by the Board. After getting the copy of the exam sheets, students will either apply for the revaluation or re-totaling process to increase their marks, on such condition, they need to pay the extra amount which is also clearly added in the order made by the Supreme Court.

The board also clarifies getting the copy of the answer sheets for Rs.2 and the giving Rs.10 as the application fee are not the same processes, so students should not interlink both (added by the Board in their notification).



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