Error in the evaluation of answer sheets in CBSE

The education board has witnessed many events where invigilators are being suspended for allotting wrong marks to the students.  This has affected students mainly of classes X and XII in the 2019 CBSE Board Exams. The central board of secondary education has taken steps to resolve the complaints.  Their prime objective is to fortify the quality of their examiners and coordinators.

Some of the strong allegations over the past few years are:

India Today web desk:

ON June 18, 2017 - ‘CBSE makes mistake in totaling Class 12 marks, the fate of 10,98,420 students at risk’

June 28, 2018 - 'CBSE suspends 5 teachers for major checking errors in Class 10, 12 board exam papers’

Times of India Web:

‘Evaluation errors: CBSE orders action against 130 teachers’

June 28, 2018

‘ Board exam  CBSE 2019 evaluation errors: CBSE cracks whip on 70 teachers’

October 11, 2019


CBSE response after evaluation in 2019:

According to CBSE sources, after the answer sheets were checked, examiners uploaded the marks on computer software and was then sent to the regional offices.

A team of head examiners has rechecked the answer sheets before the declaration of results. Amongst the answer sheets, more than 240 copies were not in accordance with the particular standards. Most of them belonged to Patna.

‘There were several errors in the marking pattern. Besides, low marks were allotted to some students, who had scored well’ - One of the Head Examiners

Board has taken strict action against the examiners and coordinators. The school concerned were asked to suspend the teachers for 10 days. If they make the same mistake, they may even lose their job.

To justify the past events CBSE Coordinator, Rajiv Ranjan Sinha stated that, ‘Teachers will now be more careful while uploading the students’ marks to the computer software’

Students should get what they deserve:

From last year itself, allegations of large-scale errors in the evaluation are reported. This ultimately has forced CBSE to improve its quality of checking. And also included training the invigilators.

CBSE has promised to deliver the students what they deserve. Many irresponsible behaviors of teachers are also reported. Due to which some students who should have excelled got average marks in the results. Contributing to this is the lack of self-confidence in students. Thus there are many students who do not apply for re-evaluation.

“They become victims of the neglection of evaluators, which we want to prevent” CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi supported.

CBSE on the action:

The education desk of CBSE is conducting many workshops. Here evaluators assess a dummy common answer sheet. And assign the marks for the same.

They are also conducting workshop sessions for evaluators across the country for 2019-20. The objective is to train evaluators, principals, and teachers. To ensure error-free marking in board exams.

But despite all this effort there, still, faults were evident in 2019 Board Exams.

And thus the education desk of CBSE received criticism for errors in the evaluations. CBSE still answers that they have trained teachers and the training is still in running for spot evaluation, real-time evaluation and conduct of the examination.

CBSE also claims that they are providing a marking scheme. Including a guideline for evaluating the answer sheets. But the teachers are also provided with the liberty to give marks for creative and innovative answers.

To this CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi retaliates, “We aim to make the evaluation process error-free. We have engaged the best. And the most experienced teachers for evaluation and issued fresh guidelines. It is done apart from conducting several rounds of training to eliminate common mistakes done by teachers.”

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