CBSE to soon release 2019 Board Examination Date Sheet for Class 10 and 12

Recently, CBSE has released a notice stating that board exams will begin in the month of February and continue March 2019. The board exams for vocational subjects will take place first and core subjects exam will be held afterwards. In class 10, there are 15 vocational subjects and in class 12, there are 40 subjects of skill education.

This year you will very soon get the complete information from the Central Board of Secondary Education about the 2019 Board Examination Date Sheet for Class 10 and 12. As per the records, last year, Date Sheet was received in January 2018. In a circular released by CBSE, all the board exam related activities will happen 15 days earlier this time. It is speculated that CBSE will release the Date Sheet in the last two weeks of the December.

Format Modifications in Board Exam Question Paper

CBSE has provided some other subjects like Web Application, Graphics etc. opted by less than 500 students. The core subjects offered by CBSE are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Languages, Geography etc. The format of the Board Exam question paper has been changed by CBSE for class 10 and 12. There have been 33% of the increase in the number of internal choice questions. For all core subjects, 11 internal choices in different questions will be provided to the students.

In the English core subject, there is a change in the question pattern. The number of questions in section A is reduced to 19 instead of 24. In the overall English question paper, the number of questions is reduced to 35 where earlier it was 40.

Substantial Changes in the Pass/Fail Criteria

Now that Exam pattern has been changed, CBSE has also decided to change the pass/fail criteria. It is decided that a student of class 10 has to score a total of 33% in both practical and theory exam of a subject. There is no obligation to obtain 33% in each i.e. in practical and theory of a subject. A lot of students has caught a breath of relief from this step.

Last year, almost a month was taken in the board examination of class 10 which started on March 05 and continued till April 04. For class 12, the board exam was started on March 05 and continued till April 14, took few days extra as compared to that of class 10 examination.

The Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the popular boards of Education in India. It is responsible for conducting the examination in India as well as in foreign countries also. There are many schools probably in thousands, both private and government, which has the affiliation of CBSE like Kendriya Vidyalaya and many other private schools like Delhi Public School, DAV School etc. As per the CBSE directions, only NCERT curriculum will be followed in the CBSE affiliated schools.

The ideal months’ time to conduct CBSE Board Examination for Class 10 and 12 in February and March of every year.

So, prep yourself and be ready for the Board Examination.



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