CBSE Launches Podcast Mobile Application

A Few days agoCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) launched its podcast application for all the stakeholders. As per the norms, the evaluation process for the on-going CBSE board exams 2019 has also been started. Now you can see the guidelines for the evaluation process on the podcast app of the board named CBSE Shiksha Vani.

You can also download this app from Google Play Store. The purposeof this podcast is to spread important information widely in an easy and convenient manner. This app has all the relevant information, CBSE updates, recent circulars, important announcements by CBSE and many more.

Though this podcast has all the relevant information, stakeholders can access only the information relevant to them. For example, the very 1st podcast is concerning the guidelines for Board Exam 2019 answer sheets and preparation of CBSE Results 2019. Examiners and only the relevant evaluators can access this information.

To get the podcast app, just go to Google Play Store in your mobile, search for the CBSE Shiksha Vani app and download it. The CBSE Shiksha Vani app is currently available for Android users. Soon it will be available for Apple users i.e. on Apple I-phones. This app is very quick and you can easily connect with the board latest updates through this app.

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CBSE has been constantly introducing a digital initiative to regulate the information among all the CBSE schools in an easy and advanced manner. To overcome the barriers between spreading oral information sharing, the podcast app has been launched.

As per the norms, this year board has madetough rules regarding the evaluation of answer keys, reports etc. All the teachers that have been going for evaluation duty are mandatory to complete their duties in a respective number of hours without any fail.

Schools have been sent strict instructions and notices to confirm that the teachers are made available for evaluation. Moreover, all the examiners are required to give 8 hours every day for the evaluation.

All this has to be done so that there will be no delay of result. CBSE officials had also confirmed that the board is planning to out the result near about the previous year date.

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Last year, the board was directed by the Delhi High Court to confirm that their CBSE Class 12 results are announced in all respect (declaration and revaluation requests) before the start of Delhi University admissions. That was the major reason why CBSE started the board exams from February.

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