CBSE to conduct a voluntary test for class 11th and 12th

Nowadays students have the liberty to choose the field they seem to fit in. A few years back the problem was parents who burdened children with their own choices. On the other side, now students along with their parent's support are free to choose their field. Not any field but the field they want to build a career in. But then again they are confused enough to behave indecisively about their career options. And thus, to give a clear and acute vision to the students about their field of interest CBSE has taken an initiative.

CBSE thus has introduced an Aptitude test in association with NCERT. This test is called 'Tamanna' Aptitude test and is launched for students of class XI & XI. The education board has already sent the notice about the aptitude test to all the known CBSE affiliated schools.


The objective of 'Tamanna' Aptitude test:

''Students, teachers, and parents must keep in mind that the aptitude test provides information related to the strength of students and there are no marks of the pass and fail. The test should be taken voluntarily by interested students and must not impose any subject etc. on students.''

The norms of 'TAMANNA' clarifies that the test is voluntary. Alongside it also clear its objective to evaluate students on different parameters.

Evaluation of students in such a way will let them understand their strengths and weakness. It may bring some clarity to their confused minds to choose the best career option.

The judgment of skill-sets to make a good choice in career:

The aptitude test is set in a planned manner. In a manner that is likely to bring out the 'best'. Widely the 'best' is referring to strengths as well as weaknesses of students.

For instance, a student having a good language aptitude has an understanding of a written language. They can think to move forward as stenographers, journalist, etc.

Students with better analytical skills and logical reasoning can pursue law, forensic science. They may opt for courses around their intellect like medicine, Mathematics, Architecture, etc.

Similarly, some students have a very strong ability to understand mechanical concepts. This helps them to solve problems and thus are fast learners. They can move forward in psychology, Linguistics, law, speech therapy, etc.

Those with good numerical aptitude are expected to pursue all the relevant fields. It may include engineering, biosciences, meteorology, statistics, and bank-related jobs.

Spatial and perpetual aptitude provides another parameter on which students are evaluated. The ones with good spatial aptitude are said to perform well in several fields. Including manufacturing industry, drafting, chemist, astronomy, visual arts.multimedia arts, etc.

Perpetual aptitude would lead students towards accountancy, computer programming, record keeping, etc.

The response of CBSE affiliated schools towards 'Tamanna' aptitude test:

Teachers and faculties of most of the CBSE affiliated schools are satisfied with the initiative. Their applauded responses show their keen interest to conduct the test accurately. According to the received feedbacks, this initiative is expected to benefit student s thoroughly.

A senior faculty member mentioned that CBSE has just started this practice but we, in schools have started this practice of students getting tested for their aptitude for quite some time now. It will help students to choose the right career path.''

Likewise, the principals said that this test should also be introduced for students of class 9th and 10th. This will help them to choose their subjects wisely.

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