CBSE and Microsoft join hands to build capacity for AI learning for schools

Central Board of Secondary Education and Microsoft join hands to build capacity for AI learning for schools : The officials from the Central Board of Secondary Education have announced that they have partnered with Microsoft India to conduct several capacity building programmes for high school teachers to integrate cloud-powered technology in K12 teaching. This program is for teachers who teach students from class 8th to 10th. It will be held in 10 cities across India.

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AI and intelligent technologies are becoming all extensive today, changing organizations across sectors and redefining the way we work. To equip tomorrow's staff, it is important to ramp up the institutional set-up and build capacity among teachers as well as integrate advanced technologies into the teaching process.

Once teachers complete this course, they will automatically gain access to the latest information and communication technology (ICT) devices safely and securely. With this, teachers will be able to enhance the learning experience of their students and introduce them to 21st-century skills.  

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CBSE has nominated 1000 teachers to undergo three days of training. The training is based on projects that include several tools from Microsoft 365 such as Flipgrid, Onenote, Teams, Minecart and Outlook, as well as several practical sessions on Microsoft Paint 3D. Microsoft will also provide free tools, software research materials and similar resources to these teachers.

Teachers will also learn how to present a digital story, how to leverage AI tools to create learning-related bots, how to use teams when teaching virtual lessons and to create learning experiences individually. It will also do them to demolish many concepts related to AI. With this program, teachers will also have the opportunity to become Microsoft Innovative Educators. This would give them access to free resources, devices and software; also mentioning sessions and discussions with global teachers.

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According to Manish Prakash, General Manager of Microsoft India: “AI has become a strategic lever for economic development in countries around the world. Through this initiative, we are empowering institutions, teachers and students in India to gain early education/skills in new technologies like AI and cloud to lead that growth in a rapidly changing world. We are excited at the opportunity to partner with CBSE, as our first effort in any country is to transform the education ecosystem with the power of AI and cloud. "

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