Applied Mathematics Introduced by CBSE as Elective for Class 11 and Class 12

Mathematics Syllabus Revised by CBSE at the Senior Secondary Level!

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to offer 'Applied Mathematics' as an Elective for XI and XII standard students.

The elective subject, Applied Mathematics, is focused at evolving an understanding of basic Mathematics, Statistics and their applications in the arena of Commerce and Social Science. This will be initiated as an elective subject for class XI students from academic session 2020 and in due course for class XII students from the year to follow.

CBSE programmed 'Applied Mathematics' as an elective for Class XI and Class XII students. After announcing two levels of mathematics papers for Class X students, CBSE will now apply 'Applied Mathematics' as an academic elective at the senior secondary level for the students who do not want to take it up for higher studies or do not wish to opt for engineering which require an extensive understanding of the subject.

The students who opt for Basic Mathematics in Class 10 will be allowed to choose 'Applied Mathematics' at the senior secondary level. "Mathematics is extensively used in higher studies in the field of Economics, Commerce, Social Sciences and many more." It has been noticed that the current syllabus of mathematics connects well with Science subjects, but do not align well with Commerce or Social Science based subjects in the university education.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) stated in an official notification that, in order to provide students the appropriate experience in Mathematics which can be utilized in the fields other than Physical Sciences, one more elective course in Mathematics syllabus will be extended for senior secondary classes. As per the CBSE officials, a course by this name was initially programmed as a skill subject.

The mentioned educational course has been designed for several value additions to cultivate substantial mathematical skills and procedures needed in aspects of various other subjects. The topics enclosed in two years focus on enabling students to use mathematical knowledge in the arena of Business, Economics and Social Sciences.

It intends to endorse appreciation of mathematical power and simplicity for its vast applications in different fields.

A senior board official explained that in order to enable students to develop 21st century competencies such as critical thinking, problem solving, logical reasoning and mathematical thinking, it is anticipated that the new subject ‘Applied Mathematics’ is communicated by connecting concepts to the application in numerous fields. Moreover, the students who want to decide for Mathematics in higher studies as an elective or wish to take admission in Mathematics (Honors) course or engineering course, it will be obligatory to take the existing subject 'Mathematics'.

Applied Mathematics course is planned to enrich the knowledge and skills of Mathematics that are needed to be successful in different aspects of the student’s career. The students must keep this aspect in mind while deciding for this course. The Board representatives described that the approach of the subject 'Applied Mathematics' will be practical in nature. That means the students are expected to absorb through practical applications of Mathematics in different disciplines.

The officials relevant to the education sector stated "Students, parents and schools may take a conscious choice in selection of this subject by taking into consideration the scope of this subject in getting admission to different courses at University level."

The students who have cleared 'Basic Mathematics' in Class X will now have permission to take up the new academic elective 'Applied Mathematics' at the senior secondary level. Consequently, the students who have cleared 'Basic Mathematics' as well as Standard Mathematics in Class 10 of CBSE exam are eligible for this course.

On the other hand, students who have cleared 'Basic Mathematics' at secondary level are not eligible to elect for 'Mathematics' at senior secondary level.

The associated officials mentioned that, the affiliated schools with the readiness of essential infrastructure and human resources who also have the permission for running 'Mathematics' course in their school at the senior secondary level get automatically eligible to run this course.

It is recommended that students should visit the official website of the CBSE Board to view more fine detailing about the newly released Applied Mathematics subject effective from the Academic year 2020-21.

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