10 Extra Curricular Activities that a School Student can Enroll in

Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school”-AlbertEinstein

The statement is indeed true but doesn’t mistake it to be limited to academic education. It clearly implies both types of education-Academic and Non-Academic. Academic education nurtures the brain with the study related knowledge but non-academic helps to recognize the skills one possesses and enhance them thereby shaping one's personality. School is the place where students grasp bookish knowledge but the extracurricular activities make them an all-rounder.

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What are Extracurricular activities?

They are such activities that happen outside the classroom and keep students engaged in their own skills and talent. It could be related to any field be it sports,art,writing, dancing,etc.

Every student while in school should at least participate in one or two activities. It brings more focus on the student's mind and adds the quality of self-confidence and sense of responsibility. It makes one learn skills like problem-solving, team spirit, communication with people. Participating in any extracurricular activity is not the key. Selecting those activities that interest the student avoids the ineffective use of time. For school students, below is a list of 10 Extracurricular activities that they can enrol in-


"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.“And no school student wants to be like Jack. Thus, the most important activity is sports. Participating in any co-curricular activity in conjunction with sports ensures mental and physical fitness. Sports like cricket, football, basketball, tennis, badminton, golf, etc. teach to work in a team or even if individually it only does good to the personality. Getting admitted in cricket or football clubs or any sports could prove to be a career option in future. Also, excelling in any sport brings many opportunities in terms of getting admitted to good colleges.

2.National Cadet Corps(NCC)

As we began with physical activity, here is another more of physical activity, NCC.NCC stands for the National Cadets Corps,i.e, the Indian military cadet corps. It helps the students to prepare themselves in any type of force be it the Indian Army, Indian Navy or Indian Airforce. The Junior division of NCC is for school students. It provides extensive training and knowledge. Discipline, survival techniques, camping, self and public hygiene, giving first-aid, crowd management are some of the skills that could be learnt through it.


A sound and peaceful mind give out creative results. There’s no better way for a brain to be relaxed than music. Learning any musical instrument like piano, guitar, sitar, harmonium, tabla, flute, etc nourishes the musical understanding. School life is stressful. If a child has got the talent of singing, there couldn't be a better way to deal with stress other than singing itself. Learning singing or any musical instrument for that matter helps the student to explore the culture and history too.

Thus, it helps in cultural development indirectly.


Relating to music, here comes another beautiful art, dance. Various schools have dance competitions and classes in it. It is an activity without which any event in school is impossible. Dancing is such a big area with various forms like classical, folk, salsa, Zumba, hip-hop, etc. Just like music, it ensures the student is made known to the different cultures. It is one of the most pleasing activities and commonly found. The skills of no stage fear and acceptance of criticism could be inculcated through it.

5.Yoga and Meditation

Another activity for the maintenance of peace is yoga and meditation. Many schools have the facilities of proper yoga classes in them. The students if exercise yoga from school life would be keen to do any hectic work with ease. The memory power and ability to concentrate improves with the help of it.

21 June, celebrated as International Yoga Day, holds out as an important day for such students.


Debates are one of the most enjoyed contests that are organized in schools. Many schools have their own debate clubs as well. If a student has the potential of speaking well over issues or rather has good speaking and communication skills, a debate is a perfect medium to enhance them. Not only does it improves the ability to speak but also the ability to think. It makes a student dig deep into the matter during research and think and speak and then object on the against viewpoints. The reduction in stage fear and audacity to express opinions strongly are some positive effects of debates.

7.Essay Writing/School Magazine

Coming to those students who use pen/pencil as their magic wand to create magic in whatever they write, essay writing or writing articles for school magazine is a good option. Schools organize essay writing competitions where students could portray their writing skills. The school magazines are a good way to gain an actual audience for writing. It improves not only the proficiency of the language a student is writing in but also the punctuation and grammatical skills. In future, such students could make a career in Journalism or other media-related careers.

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8.Social development related Co-curricular activities

Scouting, school council activities are handy in the social development of a student. Every school has a school council where duties are assigned to students in respective areas and it inculcates a sense of duty in them to fulfil them. It makes them understand the concept of socialization. The girl or boy scouts is an excellent extracurricular activity. It teaches public speaking skills, organizational skills, leadership skills. It includes attending camps.

9.Art and Craft

This includes a wide range of activities like painting, sketching, crafts, pottery, etc. The creativity comes out best through drawing and painting. The coolers play an important role in bringing out their imagination on materials. On the other hand, clay modelling tends to help a student develop a better understanding of the three-dimensional world.

Art and craft are of great aesthetic value. Thus, it proves effective for the future in any field of a career in some way or the other.


To know basic cooking is the need for both girls and boys. Some of the schools arrange cooking classes as well as competitions. This activity nurtures the art of the basic necessity of life, which is, food.

Above listed extracurricular activities were some of the key aspects that a school student should look to go into as it would just help them identify their talents, work on it and invest their time inefficient work.

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