Psychological Counselling by CBSE

As the CBSE results for class 10th and class 12th were released a few days back therefore CBSE has announced that they will be conducting the annual psychological counselling session from 13th May to 27th May.

All students and parents should use this service so that they can discuss their concerns and doubts with experienced principals and teachers. This psychological counselling service by CBSE is open to all students and their parents also. There are a total of 59 principals, trained counsellors and special educators from the CBSE-affiliated schools who will be providing tele counselling services to students and parents all over India.

Students are required to dial a toll-free number 1800 11 8004 from any part of the country and they will be connected to the centralised tele counselling helpline of CBSE. The call will be then connected to experienced counsellors who will provide helpful information and tips to parents and students to deal with the situation where they are facing result anxiety or stress. It is highly recommended that all students should take this free service by CBSE as this will help them to clear their doubts, come out of stressful situations and get an understanding of the steps that they can take in future

Benefits of CBSE Psychological Counselling

Psychological counselling is really important for CBSE students after the declaration of board exam results as they are a lot of students who face depression or lack of confidence because of results which are not as per the expectation. There are various reasons because of it your child should go ahead and attend the psychological counselling sections which have been organised by CBSE this year:

Coping with disappointment: Many students expect Better results and if they get lower marks they face situations wear their conference goes down,  low self and lower motivation levels. Psychological counselling helps the students to deal with their emotions and also provides various ways and techniques by which the students can come out of search situations.

Managing stress and anxiety: Lower than-expected marks can lead to stressful situations at home with parents or even with friends and can lead to stress and anxiety.  it is important that the students get some support during this stressful and exact field situation so that it doesn't affect the students in the long run.

Identifying and addressing mental health concerns: It is also important to note that depression or anxiety disorders can lead to mental health conditions for students. If this is not taken care of in a timely manner that can lead to long-term impact and the degrading of the performance of the students in their studies. Timely support and treatment by experience profits can help the students to come out of such kind of situations and immediately improve their performance.

Planning for the future:  there are all stations where the children would like to discuss the impact of the results on their future plans and the courses which they can plan to take up in future.  as CBSE will be providing experience and school principals for providing the counselling this will help the students to discuss with them there future and Career plans. Such kind of counselling and guidance will help them in their entire career and also help to build up a positive attitude towards their goals.

Therefore, don't miss this opportunity of providing psychological counselling to your kids as it is the best, safe and most supportive manner in which you can help your kids to come out of stressful situations and also have them develop strategies for moving further in life in a healthy and positive manner.

Overall, psychological counselling can provide students with a safe and supportive space to process their emotions and concerns after exam results and to develop strategies for moving forward in a healthy and positive way.