Five Tips for Brisk and Effective Revision for School and Board Examinations

The intend of this article is to present before you the 5 most efficient tips to facilitate the students to revise the entire course for the Annual School and Board Examination. 

We are moving towards the upcoming examinations, almost all the academic institutions of primary and secondary education along with the educational boards in the country have begun their preparations to organise the annual evaluation process for the year. From the student’s point of view also this is the time when the main focus of the students should be on the preparations for the Annual Examination. So, it is very important for the students to set their priorities right in the critical time when the exams are approaching. The agenda should be to timely revise all the relevant course covered up during the year with proper conception understanding and clarity of mind towards the subject. And for doing the same, first and foremost, all the students need to fulfil the basic requirement of organising themselves according to the study schedule. Therefore, need of the hour is to move forward with some strategies that can guide and encourage the students to complete their revision in the most appropriate and timely manner.

Five Tips for Brisk and Effective Revision for School and Board Examinations

So, here are few tips that can help the students to achieve the goal of completing the revision process quickly yet effectively:

1)   Adherence to a Strategical Study Time Table: 

The first step towards achieving the target is to make a plan to reach there. Creating a systematic time table of revision for the annual school and board examination help the students to understand the entire syllabus and divide it into relevant portions. Revision becomes easy and effective when we organise the entire syllabus and revision notes subject wise and chapter wise. Different subjects and chapters require different time and effort for revision with complete understanding. Making a revision time table help the student in accessing how much time and effort is needed to complete any particular portion as per the annual examination. Such plans facilitate the students to complete the revision process on time which brings down the anxiety level in the final round close to exams.

2)   Build Attainable and Rational Landmarks:

Time is a very important factor in terms of achieving any goal. In order to cover up the decided portion in the revision time table, it is very important for the students to keep themselves motivated. Thus, it is necessary to set comparably reasonable milestones so that the students can reach up to it with ease along with covering up all the relevant aspects and details. Achieving small landmarks keep the students highly positive and motivated towards the ultimate goal. Usually, there are two ways of preparing for the examination. One is to memorize the entire course and vomit the mugged up matter in the exams, which is not of much use in the long run as it does not add any value for life. The second and the most appropriate way is to move forward systematically with proper understanding of the subject via creating achievable milestones and landmarks. To make the process even better the students can also plot incentives on reaching one landmark. Access latest CBSE Question Papers here.

3)   Recapitulation and Summarization in a Structured manner:

When we are in the process of revision for the final examination, it tends to increase the hours of study and the possibility of forgetting the already studied course becomes a reality. So, recapitulation and summarization becomes a necessity for students. The best way to go about it is to recap the portions once done. After completing each study portion according to the set time table, the students should take a break and recapitulate the topics which have already been covered by them. They should also try and write down the notes in their own words while revising. The combination of the two definitely improves the potential of the brain and lead the students towards optimum results.

4)   Knowledge Enhanced through Picture Memory:

Our mind acknowledges and remembers information through pictures better than it does through reading and writing. Thus, the students should emphasise on expressing what they have studied in the form of diagrams and drawings. Information via flow chart, Venn diagrams, maps or just random doodle also helps the students to register the studied subject easily. It helps in recalling and using the information at the right time in the examination in the most appropriate way. This way of revision also makes learning a very interesting journey.  

5)   Friend in need, is the friend Indeed:

Discussions make the concepts clear and also facilitates us to keep the information live in the mind for a long time. Thus, in this last round of revision when the annual examinations are on the edge, it is best to make your friend a part of the revision time table. Repetitive study rounds can create a boring environment and lead to mixing up of the subjects and concepts. Therefore, it is recommended that students should shortlist the important as well as difficult concepts and discuss it with their friends. Discussion and debates help the students to clear the concepts and also imprint it in their memory lane. Just one very important thing should be kept in mind that the topics which are relevant to your friend must also be included so that both the parties are equally benefitted from it. 

Finally, it may be concluded that, we are towards the completion of the Annual Educational Year. Every individual student might have their own peculiar strengths and weakness, but one thing is common for all! And that is the need of a strategical, well planned and effective revision time table which organizes the students study schedule and is focused towards revision of the entire syllabus well in time.

Hopefully, the above mentioned tips will ease the anxiety levels at the examination time and help the aspiring students to reach to their desired goal.

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