NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 7 Gullivers Travels

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 7 Gullivers Travels

1. Why did the Captain send the men to the land?

Ans. The captain sent men to the land to fetch water.

2. Why did the men rush back to the ship?

Ans. The men rushed back to the ship because a giant to chase them.

3. Choose the correct answer.

(i) The giant carried a reaping book because

(a) he was fighting with the other giants.

(b) he was going to reap the corn.

(c) he wanted to frighten Gulliver.

Ans. (b) he was going to reap the corn.

(ii) They put Gulliver on the ground to look at him because

(a) they had never seen a human before.

(b) they thought he was a doll.

(c) they had never seen such a tiny man.

Ans. (c) they had never seen such a tiny man.

4. Name the creature to whom you would look like Gulliver. The creature is now extinct. The word begins with the letter D____.

Ans. Dinosaur.

5. From the text, write the sentences that tells you the following.

(a) The giant reapers were fascinated by Gulliver.

Ans. They all sat on the ground to take a good look at me.

(b) Gulliver was a learned man.

Ans. I tried to speak to them in seven languages.

(c) The farmer’s son thought Gulliver was a toy.

Ans. On seeing me the child grabbed me from the table and put my head into his mouth.

(d) The farmer’s wife was a kind-hearted woman.

Ans. Later she put me on her own bed and covered me with a clean white handkerchief.

6. Now complete the following. Use the words given in the box.

 NCERT Solutions

(a) as ______ as a feather

Ans. Light.

(b) as _____ as a tortoise

Ans. Slow.

(c) as _____ as honey

Ans. Sweet.

(d) as ____ as snow

Ans. White.

(e) as ____ as an ox

Ans. Strong.

(f) as ____ as night

Ans. Black.

(g) as ____ as a rose

Ans. Red.

(h) as _____ as a toast

Ans. Warm.

(i) as _____ as a breeze

Ans. Gentle.

7. Use the above expressions to complete the following the sentences.

(i) The old man’s hair is as white ______.

Ans. As snow.

(ii) His feet were as cold ______.

Ans. As ice.

(iii) The newspaper boy was as slow ______ delivering the papers.

Ans. As a tortoise.

(iv) I felt as light ______ after excercising.

Ans. As a feather.

8. Create our own comparisons for the following. Work in pairs.


As tall as

A tower

As fast as

A rocket

As high as

The sky

As angry as

A lion

As tiny as

An atom

As brave as

Jhansi ki Rani

9. Now complete the following suitably.

(i) I was sitting in a taxi yesterday when ______.

Ans. I saw her.

(ii) He was cleaning out his cupboard when ______.

Ans. he found his old photograph.

(iii) _______ a dog ran out onto the road.

Ans. I was passing along the street when corner.

(iv) ______ the teacher walked into the room.

Ans. The boys were quarrelling.

10. Correct the use of the describing words in the following sentences.

(a) This is the simpler problem of them all.

Ans. This is the simplest problem of them all.

(b) Which is the lightest of the two parallels?

Ans. Which is the lighter of the two parcels?

(c) He is cleverer than I am.

Ans. He is cleverer than me.

(d) I like this the best of the two.

Ans. I like this better of the two.

(e) The flood became badder as the rain increased.

Ans. The flood became worse as the rain is increased.

11. Punctuate the following sentences using capital letters, full stops (.) commas (,) question marks (?) apostrophe (‘) exclamation mark (!) wherever necessary.

dear Samir

I am sending you a photograph of my newest pet frisky is a bulldog and a very playful puppy by next summer, he should the old enough to go with us on our long walks i m sure you are looking forward to seeing him I know you will like him

warm regards


Ans. Dear Samir,

I am sending you a photograph of my newest pet. Frisky is a bull dog and a very playful puppy. By next summer he should be old enough to go with us on our long walks. I’m sure you are looking forward to see him. I know you will like him.

Warm regards,


12. Punctuate the following sentences.

(a) next Wednesday my sister mita is going to join the State Bank of India.

Ans. Next Wednesday my sister, Mita is going to join the State Bank of India.

(b) the dog wags its tail when its pleased but a cat waves its tail when its angry.

Ans. The dog wags its tail when it’s pleased but a cat waves its tail when it’s angry.

(c) when I went fishing I caught an old shoe a plastic bag and a bad cold.

Ans. When I went fishing I caught an old shoe, a plastic bag and a bad cold.

(d) she fed the baby washed the dishes put the lights off and went to sleep.

Ans. She fed the baby, washed the dishes, put off the lights off and went to sleep.

(e) wasn’t Tim born on the 26 th of January 1989.

Ans. Wasn’t Tim born on 26 th of Januray, 1989?

(f) oh no the bus was gone.

Ans. Oh no! The bus has gone.

13. Fill in the blanks:

(i) A giant tree ____________.

Ans. Redwood Trees of California.

(ii) A giant bird __________.

Ans. Ostrich.

(iii) A giant land animal ________.

Ans. Elephant.

(iv) A giant water creature _______.

Ans. Whale.

(v) A giant reptile _______.

Ans. Anaconda.

(vi) A giant aeroplane ________.

Ans. A-380.


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