CBSE Class 9 Language Conventions Grammer and Usage MCQ

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CBSE Class 9 Language Conventions Grammer and Usage MCQ

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(a) (b) (c )


I on this line before I realised my mistake. worked

was worked am working

had been working


(a) (b)

(c )

The doctor an operation. do


is performed

(d) done


(a) (b) (c )


I _ we should accept the offer. think

will think should think

would think


(a) (b)

(c )

We rested the shade of the tree. in

under ourselves in

(d) ourselves under


(a) (b) (c )


She should be ashamed her actions. By

at of



(a) (b) (c )

He friends has come back. and his

or his

along with his

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