CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs (1)

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CBSE Class 9 PSA Qualitative Passage Based MCQs (1)

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Passage Based MCQ

Passage No. 1

Disability refers to any kind of physical or mental incapacity that limits a

person’s ability to work. Yet it is seldom that we have thanked God for the

gift of Good health and well being. The smallest actions like seeing the

sunrise, brushing our teeth, popping peanuts into your mouth come so

naturally and effortlessly, and Yet we are never satisfied, always

discontented. It is not so for the disabled. For them it requires immense

concentration, effort, will power, energy and a lot of time. Despite this, it

could be a long way of perfection.

It takes great courage and determination to cope with disability.Give them

encouragement, facilities and resources, and then watch them as they

learn, earn, play, work and even start their families.

Very often we find that a person lacking in one faculty is gifted in some

other way. That’s nature’s way of maintaining balance. Some of the most

beautiful greeting cards are made by disabled children, using one hand,

one foot or even mouth. Nothing stops them from using their talent,

intelligence and their knowledge.

1. To cope up with disability one needs lots of.................

(a) Courage

(b) Determination

(c) Courage and determination

(d) Effort

2. Pity and sympathy can make them loose.

(a) Confidence (b) Will power

(c) Determination (d) Ability

3. If we are sensitive to their needs and problems we will.

(a) learn to cope better (b) admire ability

(c) enhance our lives (d) All of the above

4. A person lacking in one faculty is gifted in some other way.

That’s how nature................

(a) Maintains imbalance

(b) Maintains balance

(c) Helps them cope with disability

(d) Helps them to be tough

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