CBSE Class 9 Language Conventions Contextual Vocabulary MCQ

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CBSE Class 9 Language Conventions Contextual Vocabulary MCQ

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(a) (b) (c )


Kezia used to get cold feet when she thought of her father. get angry

get scared used to cry

felt like crying


(a) (b) (c )


Maria was on top of the world when she won the Wimbeldon. felt very happy

felt very nervous

felt satisfied felt excited


(a) (b) (c )


The cakes that the woman baked were out of this world

Horrible not tasty excellent



(a) (b) (c )


Mahender broke into cold sweat when he heard Iswaran`s stories. got frozen

was cold

was angry got scared


(a) (b) (c )


St. Peter nearly passed out due to hunger. Fainted

went away

expired died

(a) (b) (c ) (d)

Please wash the dishes right away.

tomorrow today some


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