CBSE Class 6 English Question Paper SA 1 2011

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Subject : ENGLISH

Time : 3 hrs. Class : VI


A-1 Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :-

India is a land of farmers who are very simple and hard working. Their only wealth is their land.If their crop fails, they run into debt and lead a miserable life. They are mostly uneducated. They are not familiar with the new implements and improved methods of farming. They use the same kind of plough as was used manycenturies ago.

Our government is trying its best to improve the lot of farmers. They are encouraged to use modern implements, good seeds and manure. They are given loans at a low rate of interest. Development Blocks have been opened all over the country. These blocks supply superior seeds and good manure to farmers. Fortunately most of the farmers have started to use new methods of farming and will soon become happier.

A.1.1Answer the following questions choosing correct options from the brackets :- 

(i) The life of a farmer is miserable because -

(a) He is not hard working (b) He has many children.

(c) He is not educated.

(ii) The phrase ‘run into debt’ means -

(a) Lend money (b) Borrow money (c) Become poor

(iii) The farmers will soon be come happier because -

(a) They are using new methods (b) Spending less

(c) They are working hard.

(iv) The government has started development blocks for -

(a) Collecting taxes (b) Progress of the country

(c) Spending much money

(v) What is their only wealth ?

(a) Sky (b) Land (c) House

(vi) The closest meaning of the word ‘Loan’ is -

(a) Money borrowed (b) Gift (c) Wealth

A.1.2Answer the following questons - 

(a) What are the qualities of Indian farmers ?

(b) What happen when their crop fails ?

(c) What our government is trying to improve the farmers ?

A.2 Read given passage and answer the questions that follow -

Preparations had begun for our school annual day. Two plays were to be staged. The senior section was to enact ‘Merchant of Venice’ and the junior section ‘The story of Rama. I was hoping with all my heart that the drama teacher would include me in the cast. I had never acted in a play but was sure that once on stage. I would give a brilliant performance.

Radhika, the prettiest girl in our class, would certainly get Sita’s role. Since I was shorter than Radhika and had a shrill voice. I could not hope to be Rama. But I wouldn’t mind being Rama’s brother Laxmana, I decided. I went around for a few days, imagining myself on stage with a bow and arrow slung on my shoulders, giving a brilliant performance as Laxmana.

A.2.1Answer the following questions choosing right options from the brackets - 

(i) The junior section was to enact ...............

(a) Merchant of venice (b) The story of Rama

(c) The story of Krishna

(ii) How many plays were to be staged ?

(a) One (b) Three (c) Two

(iii) Who gets Sita’s role in the play ?

(a) Radhika (b) The Author (c) Neha

(iv) Which program the school is going to organize ?

(a) The annual day (b) The sports day (c) The cultural day

(v) Find out the word from the passage which mean ‘very beautiful’.

(a) Imagining (b) Brilliant (c) Prettiest

(vi) The author imagined himself on stage as ........

(a) Rama (b) Sita (c) Laxmana

Q.2.2 Answer the following questions - 

(a) What was the senior section to enact ?

(b) Why the author could not hope to be Rama ?

(c) What was the author hoping with all his heart ?

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