CBSE Class 8 Social Science Practice Assignment

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History: Our Pasts - III (Part 1) For Class 8

1 How, When and Where

Q 1 With what did the British historians associate the modern period?

Q 2 How can you define history?

Q 3 What do you understand by the term „colonialism‟?

Q 4 Who was the first Governor-General of India?

Q 5 Which person produced the first map of India under the British?

Q 6 How can you describe History in common perspective?

Q 7 What was the usual method of writing history used by the historians earlier?

Q 8 What according to James Mills was the level of civilization of Asian societies?

Q 9 What is the work of James Mill known as?

Q 10 How many policemen refused to take food during the police strike in Delhi in 1946?

Q 11 Where was the National Museum and National Archives built?

Q 12 Who was Prince Arthur?

Q 13 What was the symbol of British power as shown in frontispiece by James Rennel?

Q 14 What efforts were made by the British to preserve important documents? Marks 

Q 15 Who are calligraphists? How were they important in the early nineteenth century?

Q 16 Why did the practice of surveying become important under the British?

Q 17 Why were the official records not always helpful to understand the psyche of the people?

Q 18 Do you know the reason behind the use of dates in history?

Q 19 Are the official records the best source of our information?

Q 20 Besides the official records, what are the other literary sources?

Q 21 Describe the advertisement of Lipton tea created in 1922?

Q 22 What were the features of the modern era in Europe?

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