CBSE Class 4 GK Quiz (3)

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G.K. QUIZ OF THE MONTH (July – 2nd week)


1. How many players are there in a basket ball team?

Ans: Ten

2. Who discovered the Printing Machine?

Ans: Johannes Gutenburg

3. Who invented Diesel Engine?

Ans: Rudolf Diesel

4. Which country is known as Land of Cakes?

Ans: Scotland

5. Which country is famous for its fish catch?

Ans: Japan

6. Where is the residence of Queen in London?

Ans: Buckingham Palace

7. Which country has only music and no words in its National Anthem?

Ans: Bahrain

8. Which country has no cinema theatres?

Ans: Saudi Arabia

9. What does “WHO” stands for?

Ans: World Health Organisation

10. Who discovered Ice-cream?

Ans: Gerald Tisyum

11. What do you mean by alurophobia?

Ans: Fear of cats

12. Where is the famous painting “Mona Lisa” displayed?

Ans: Louvre Museum, Paris

13. What is the earlier name for Tomato?

Ans: Love apple

14. Where is Disney Land located?

Ans: California, USA

15. Which is the largest car manufacturing company?

Ans: Toyota Mot

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