CBSE Class 8 SST Worksheet - The Revolt of 1857

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The Revolt of 1857

1. The revolt of 1857 has also been referred to as the first war of ___________________.

2. Mangal Pandey refused to use greased ___________________________.

3. The sepoys the Meerut regiment captured Delhi and declared _____________________ as the emperor of India.

4. ______________________ has led the revolt at Bareilly.

5. Bahadur Shah zafar was exiled to _________________.

6. At Kanpur the revolt was led by _____________________.

7. ____________________ annexed Jhansi under the Doctrine of Lapse.

8. ___________________ led the revolt at Lucknow.

9. ____________________ was the able commander of Nana Sahib‟s forces.

10. The British soldiers were entitled to a foreign service allowance or _____________________.

11. ______________________ introduced the Doctrine of Lapse.

12. ____________________ was the last Mugal Emperor.

The Revolt of 1857

1. According to the _______________________ , if a ruler did not leave any male heir, the land became the property of the Bristish East India company.

2. Mughal Emperor Bahadurshah Zafar and his successors were ordered to leave the red fort by ______________________

3. ________________________ announced that Bahadurshah‟s successors would not be allowed to use the title of the king.

4. _______________________ was proclaimed the emperor of India by the rebels.

5. ________________________ had let the revolt at Bareilly.

6.At Kanpur, the revolt was led by ______________________, the adopted son of the last peshwa.

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