CBSE Class 10 Social Science MCQs for Resources and Development

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Lesson – 1

Resources and Development

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Coal, iron ore, petroleum, diesel etc. are the examples of

a) Biotic resources               b) Abiotic resources

c) Renewable resources       d) Non Renewable resources

2. Which one of the following term is used to identify the old and new alluvial respectively ?

a) Khadas & Tarai             b) Tarai & Bangar

c) Bangar & Khadar          d) Tarai & Dvars

3. Which one of the following soil is the best for cotton cultivation ?

a) Red soil                       b) Black soil

c) Laterite soil                  d) Alluvial soil

4. How much percentage of forest area in the country according to the National Forest Policy.

a) 33%                              b) 37%

c) 27%                              d) 31%

5. Which type of soil develops due to high temperature and evaporation ?

a) Arid Soil                        b) Forest Soil

c) Black Soil                     d) Red Soil

6. Which one of the following resources can be acquired by the Nation ?

a) Potential resources        b) International resources

c) National resources         d) Public resources

7. Which one of the following is responsible for sheet erosion ?

a) Underground water         b) Wind

c) Glacier                          d) Water

8. Which one of the following method is used to break up the force of wind?

a) Shelter belt                    b) Strip Cropping

c) Contour ploughing          d) Terrace farming

9 Which one of the following is the main cause of land degradation in Madhya Pradesh ?

a) Mining                           b) Overgrazing

c) Deforestation                  d) Over Irrigation

10. Which one of the following statements refers to the sustainable development ?

a) Overall development of various resources

b) Development should take place without damaging the environment.

c) Economic development of people.

d) Development that meets the desires of the members of all communities

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