CBSE Class 10 Social Science MCQs for Forest and Wild Life Resources

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Q3. Distinguish between the Renewable and Non- Renewable Resources.

Ans. Renewable Resources

1) These Resources are those which once mined and used can be regenerated.

2) These Resources which may be obtained continuously.

Example : Land, water plants etc.

Non Renewable Resources.

1) These Resources are those which once mined and used cannot be regenerated.

2) All mineral Resources are limited.

Example : Coal, Mineral-oil etc.

Q4. Describe briefly the distribution of soils found in India.

Ans. (1) Alluvial Soil                (2) Black Soil

       (3) Red and Yellow Soil    (4) Laterite Soil

       (5) Mountain Soil             (6) Desert Soil (Explain it)

Q5. What is regur soil ? Write its two features. Mention any two regions where regur soil is found.

Ans. Regur soil – Black Soil


1) made up extremely fine

2) have good capacity to hold moisture.

3) develop deep cracks during hot weather.

4) rich in calcium carbonate, potash and lime


1) Maharashtra – Malva Plateau

2) Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh Plateau

Answers key of MCQ :

(1) d    (2) c     (3) b     (4) a     (5) a

(6) c    (7) d     (8) a     (9) c    (10) b

Lesson – 2

Forest and Wild Life Resources

Key Concepts of the lesson -

Trees and animals species:

(1) Normal species           (2) Endangered species

(3) Vulnerable species      (4) Rare species

(5) Endemic species        (6) Extinct species

Types of Forest

(1) Reserved forests

(2) Protected forests

(3) Unclassified forests

Biodiversity    Biodiversity is immensely rich in wildlife and cultivated species, diverse in form and function, but closely integrated in a system through multiple network of interdependences.

Multiple Choice Questions

Q1. The diverse flora and fauna of the planet are under great threat mainly due to :

(a) Global Warming                            (b) Lack of water availability

(c) Insensitivity to our environment       (d) Increasing pollution

Q2. Which one of the following is an endangered species of Manipur ?

(a) Blue Sheep                            (b) Asiatic Buffalo

(c) Sangai (brow anter deer)          (d) Cattle

Q3. “The species that are not found after searches of known or likely areas where they may occur” are known as :

(a) Normal species              (b) Vulnerable species

(c) Extinct species              (d) Rare species

Q4. Which one of the following is a medicinal plant used to treat some types of cancer ?

(a) Himalayan Yew              (b) Himalayan Oak

(c) Madhuca insignis           (d) Hubbardia heptaneuron

Q5. In which year, the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act was implemented ?

(a) 1970                 (b) 1971

(c) 1972                 (d) 1974

Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 10 Social Science MCQs for Forest and Wild Life Resources


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