CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Email Writing

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CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Email Writing - Listening Comprehension. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice.


E-mail is the short form of the electronic mail. In today’s digital age it is the most preferred means of personal and business communication because it is almost instant and in most cases absolutely free.

STYLE: just like letters , emails can be formal and informal. Companies, organizations, govt.dept, and officers use formal emails which are written like formal letters for official communication.

Informal emails are personal emails between friends, relatives, and some time acquaintances and are written in a friendly and conversational style.

An effective email message must

 Have a clearly stated subject line

 Place priority information in the beginning

 Be brief without being rude.

 Use the right tone-formal/informal

 Have simple vocabulary, uncomplicated sentences and short paragraphs

 Use correct grammar and spelling to avoid confusion.

 Be courteous

 End with thanks/a line saying,you look forward to hearing from the recipient

 Have a signature which may include position held /address/phone no. etc.


Date : ______________________________________________________________________________

From : ______________________________________________________________________________

To : ______________________________________________________________________________

Subject : ______________________________________________________________________________

Dear Sir/xyz

Yours lovingly/ Yours faithfully



You are Sakshi/ Shikar of F-64, Mayur Vihar, Delhi.Your friend from Kolkata has invited him to visit him/her after your examinations are over. Write an email to him/her expressing your inability to reach there. Write the email in about 100-120 words.

Practice question

1) Write an email in about 120 words to your friends describing how you are enjoying your holidays.

2) You are Pankaj / Priyanka, living in the student’s hostel of Cambridge Mission School, Mumbai. Write an email to your brother, telling him of an interesting weekend you spent at your friend’s house.

3) Your uncle sent you a set of Harry Potter series for your birthday. Write an email thanking him for the gift. You are Meera of 45,Udhay Park, Ahmedabad.

Date : May 31 2016

From :

To :

Subject : Inconvenience to visit Kolkata

Dear Sajini

Thanks a lot for inviting me to visit you after my examinations. What a pleasure it would have been if I could have been with you for a few days!

I am sorry I will not be able to come to Kolkata after my examinations are over as I intend joining a Computer Graphics course during the holidays. I have already got myself registered for the course and have paid for the fees. As you know I wish to pursue a career in advertising and this break between classes seemed a good time to pursue the course. I am also looking out for a part time summer job in the children’s library here.

I promise to visit you during the pooja break, When Kolkata will be at its best.

Yours lovingly



CBSE Class 9 Assignment-Email Writing


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