CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Paper 2018 (2)

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Paper 2018 (2). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.



Model Question Paper : Set-5


Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 70


All questions are compulsory.

Question no. 1 to 7 is for 1 mark each and answer should not more than 40 words

Question no. 8 to 13 is for 3 mark each and answer should not more than 80 words

Question no. 14 to 20 is for 5 mark each and answer should not more than 150 words

Question no.21 and 22 is for map work and each question is for 5 marks

Attach your map in the answer sheet.

Use separate map for world and India respectively

Draw the figure, Map, diagramme, chart, graphical representation where needed

Q1. Define the human geography 1


Q2. Wyhat are the main steam of migration? 1


Q3. Explain agro based industry 1


Q4. Write two advantage of pipeline transportation


Q5. Write two environmental problems associated with urban area 1


Q6. What is population composition 1


Q7. Explain type of rural settlement 1


Q8. Explain how human geography is interrelated to history 3


Q9. What are the role of infrastructural facility for human resource development 3


Q10. Explain the type of primitive economic activity with suitable location 3


Q11. Why sea ports are known as gateway of international trade? Explain. 3


Q12. Write the trend of migration in India. What are its consequences in urban area 3


Q13. Write the type of urban settlement based on functional classification. 3




Q14. Classify the mineral based industry. Explain the level of development petroleum industry in context

of India. 5


Q15. Explain the favorable geographical condition for production of rice. Which state of India is largest

producer of rice? 5


Q16. Discuss the problems associated with sol degradation in India. How the soil degradation will manage?

Explain. 5

Q17. Explain themajor trend and pattern of international trade betweendeveloped and developing country.5


Q18. Analyze the factors responsible for inequality in sex-age and occupational structure in different part

of the world. 5


Q19. Explain the pattern of plantation crop production in India.Why the most plantation crops production

are developed in southern part of India. 5


Q20. What is population? Classify the type of pollution. Explain the causes and consequences of water

pollution. 5


Q21. Locate the following point in the map of world 5


a) Canadian pacific railway 

b) Ural industrial region 

c) Amazon river vestu

d) Superior lack 

e) Australia 

Q22. Locate the following point in the map of India respectively 5


a) Most literate state of India 

b) Tea producer state 

c) Cotton producer state 

d) Chhotanagpur industrial region 

e) Indira Gandhi Canal 


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