CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Paper 2017 (3)

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Sample Paper 2017 (3). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Question Paper (Set-3)


Time : 3 Hours Class-XII Maximum Marks : : 70

1. Name the two iron and steel industries of India which are set up on the principle of transportation cost



2. Define population density and write the name of the lowest density state of India?


3. Give two reasons for low level of human development in most of northern states of India?


4. What is garrison town? Give any one example for it?


5. Write any one difference between Wetland and Dryland farming?


6. Which one of the Indian sea ports provides port facilities to its land locked neighbouring countries?

Name any one such country.


7. Who defined the "neo determinism"? Give definition for it.


8. Define the growth rate of population and which are the factors of positive growth of population?



1. (i) Name the Transcontinental railway shown in the given map.


2. (ii) Name the terminal stations of railway line.


10. Explain any three problems of urban settlements of developing countries of world.


11. Which are the two sets of factors that influence migration in the world? Explain both the sets of factors

with suitable examples.


12. What do you understand by liberalization, privatization and globalization? How have they helped

industrial development in India?


13. What are slums? Mention any four major problems of slums in India.


14. What is the basic function of world trade organization (WTO). Name the two regional blocs of trade

with their headquarters, number nation, origin year and other areas of cooperation.


15. Study the given table below and answer the questions that follow:

Broad land use 1700 1850 1920 1950 1980 2000

FORESTS 6214 5965 5678 5389 5053 3454

GRASSLANDS 6860 6837 6748 6780 6788 3427

CROPLANDS 265 537 913 1170 1501 1512

15.1 Under which land use category the smallest area of land is being used?


15.2 Name the land use category in which the area is continuously decreasing. Explain due reason for it.


15.3 Explain the main cause for the continuous increase of crop land area.


16. What is the meaning of population growth? Describe two main features each of the four phases of

Indian demographic history?

17. Why is service sector known as a productive sector in the world? Explain any three major components

of service sector.


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