CBSE Class 8 Science Question Paper SA 2 2013

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Summative Assessment-II, Session 2012-13

Class : VIII, Subject : Science (Sample Paper)

Section – A 

Q1 Choose the correct answer 

(i) A ball is rolled on different surfaces. Where will friction be the least?

a) grass b) sand paper

c) marble floor d) wooden floor

(ii) Which of the following friction is maximum :

a) static friction b) sliding friction

c) rolling friction d) fluid friction

(iii) Sound can travel through :

a) gases only b) solids only

c) liquids only d) solids , liquids and gases.

(iv) Which of the following cannot be charged by friction

a) plastic scale b) copper rod

c) inflated balloon d) woollen cloth

Q2 Give one word for the following: 

a) The frictional force exerted by fluids

b) The unit used to express frequency of sound waves

c) An animal that can hear ultrasonic sound waves

d) An instrument used to detect whether a body is charged or not:

Q3 Give reasons: 

a) A crackling sound is heard while taking off a sweater during winters.

b) Sports men use shoes with spikes

Q4 Answer the following: 

a) Give two ways to increase and reduce friction.

b) Charging can be done by induction. Show with the help of a labelled diagram.

Q5 Answer the following: 

a) Give three situations where friction is a foe.

b) A pendulum oscillates 60 times in 4 seconds. Find its time period and frequency.

c) Suggest three methods to protect ourselves from lightning.


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