NEET UG Biology Breathing and Exchange of Gases

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Chapter 20. Breathing and Exchange of Gases


 Removal of CO2 and intaking O2 is essential for cells during various processes in the body of organisms to take O2 is inspiration and removeing co2 is expiration processes. Both together called as breathing.

 In human for breathing activity nose, phalynx, larynx ,trachea,bronchi and lungs like organs makes togather respiratory system.

 Diagphram and intercostal muscel play important role in inspiration and expiration process.  In exchange and transport of resiratory gases O2 and CO2 both are transported, in this blood play important role.

 The process of respiration is regulating by nervous system and chemical

 Disorders of Respiratory system are Asthma,Emphysema, Occupational Respiratiory Disorders.

(1) Respiration is helpful in

   (a) Removing waste from the body

   (b) Producing energy within the body

   (c) Production of proteins

   (d) Production of carbohydrates.

(2) Respiration,occures in the presence of oxygen in called

   (a) Fermentation

   (b)Anaerobic respiration

   (c) Glycolysis

   (d)Aerobic respiration

(3) The surface, from which the exchange of, gas takes place, is called

   (a) Plasma surface

   (b)Respiratory substrates

   (c) Respiration surface

   (d)Gaseous surface.

(4) During respiration......

   (a) O2 is produced and CO2 is consumed

   (b) O2 is consumed and CO2 is produced

   (c) Both O2 and CO2 are produced

   (d) Both O2 and CO2 are consumed.

(5) A respiratory surface must be ?

   (a) Thin

   (b) Moist

   (c) Wide spread

   (d) All these.

(6) Which of the following shows pulmonary respiration

   (a) Sponge

   (b) Fishes

   (c) Coelentrate

   (d) Human

(7) What is called the Upper region of Pharynx in man ?

   (a) Oropharynx

   (b) Nasopharynx

   (c) Laryngopharynx

   (d) None of these

(8) The diameter of human trachea is about

   (a) 1 cm

   (b) 2.5 cm

   (c) 2 inches

   (d) 0.1 cm

(9) The length of human trachea is about (Gujarat C.E.T.Q.B.)

   (a) 6 inches

   (b) 12 cm

   (c) 12 inches

   (d) 18 cm

(10) The trachea is supported by, cartilaginous rings,which are.........shaped

   (a) C

   (b) L

   (c) O

   (d) S


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