CBSE Class 11 Physics Worksheet - Rotational Motion

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CBSE Class 11 Physics Worksheet - Rotational Motion - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.



1 Mark Type

Q1. On what factors, does the position of centre of mass of a rigid body depend?

Q2. What is an isolated system? What will be the nature of motion of centre of mass of isolated sys?

Q3. Which physical quantity is conserved when a planet revolves around the sun?

Q4. Name rotational analogue of force. Give its S.I. Unit.

Q5.State factors on which radius of gyration of a body depend.

Q6. If friction can provide necessary centripetal force, why should the read be banked?

Q7. What is a rigid body?

Q8. Why are handles at max possible distance from the hinges in a door?

Q9. Why is it easier to balance a bicycle in motion?

Q10.What are the factors on which moment of inertia of a body depends?

Q11. Why are spokes fitted in a cycle wheel?

Q12.Why does a pilot not fall down when his airplane takes a vertical loop?

Q13. If the ice on the polar caps of the earth melts, how will it affect the duration of the day?

2/3 mark type :-

Q14. If no external force is acting on a two body system, what will happen to :- (a) Velocity of COM. (b) Angular momentum.

Q15. How does a diver manage to make somersaults in air?

Q16. The angular speed of a motor wheel is increased from 1200 rpm to 3120 rpm in 16 seconds. (i) What is its angular acceleration, assuming acceleration as uniform? (ii) How many revolutions does wheel make during this time?

Q17. State the two theorems of moment of inertia.

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