CBSE Class 12 Geography Value Based Questions (1)

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CBSE Class 12 Geography Value Based Questions (1)

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QUES: “The basic goal of development is to create conditions where people can live meaningful lives.”

CONTEXTUAL: What are the indicators of human development? (1 ½)

VALUE BASED: Apart from economic aspect what values should be kept in mind while formulating

development policies? (1 ½)

 Social Equality

 Sustainable Development

 Freedom of Choice

 Environmental concern

 Empowerment


QUES: “Manufacturing industries have led to environmental degradation.”

CONTEXTUAL: Classify the industries on the basis of ownership. (1 ½)

VALUE BASED: What values should be portrayed by owners of various industries in order to save

environment? (1 ½)

 Reduce , recycle, reuse

 Abiding by rules

 Sensitivity to the environment

 Conservation of Resources

 Sustainable Development


CONTEXTUAL: What are the factors responsible for migration in India? (1)

VALUE BASED: Which values should be displayed by the people of the destination area to avoid the

social problems arising out of migration? (2)

 Acceptance

 Tolerance

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