CBSE Class 12 English Letter-Writing

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CBSE Assignment for Class 12 English -Letter-Writing . Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination.


Format of the Letter

  •  Left aligned i.e., Start each new line from left hand margin.
  •  Sequence of writing information in a letter

(i) Sender’s address

(ii) Date

(iii) Receiver’s address

(iv) Salutation : Sir/Madam

(v) Subject

Content of the Letter

  •  3 – 4 paras
  •  Para I – Introductory
  •  Para II and III – Main ideas
  •  Para IV – Concluding
  • Complimentary Close
  •  To the Principal : Yours obediently
  •  To the employer/editor : Yours sincerely
  •  To the dealer/business vendor : Yours truly.


  •  Coherence and organisation of ideas
  •  Think and analyse the subject/topic
  •  Recall all the ideas and put them in a rough sheet.
  •  Organise the ideas
  •  While dealing with social or civic problems in ‘Letter to Editor’, always provide suggestions to curb or control it.


(i) Giving Information

1. You are Satish/Sarita, Manager of Newage Sports equipments Co. Ltd. Rohini. Your firm has manufactured sports equipments especially designed for school students in the age group of 10–15 years, in collaboration with USA sports research unit. Write a letter to the Director, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Schools, Hyderabad informing about your latest products which are ready for sale.

2. You are Bharti/Bharat manager of Smart Link School firm Chennai, T.N. Your firm has designed easily installable smart black boards. Write a letter to the chairman BBPS managing trust giving information about your products and services.

(ii) Asking for Information

3. You are Sudha/Sudhir, President of Residents’ welfare association of Neelamber Apartments, Jaipur. You have decided to get the apartments whitewashed with plastic paints. Write a letter to the manager New light Painters and Decorators, Jaipur asking about their services and charges for whitewashing the apartments.

4. You are Aditi/Aditya from 7-S Najafgarh. You are interested in joining Yoga and Meditation centre of your locality as a student. Write a letter to the chairman of the centre asking about various particulars of the admission and other related information.

(iii) Placing Order/Cancellation of Order

5. You are incharge of Junior Science Laboratory of ASN Public School, Shalimar Garden. Place an order to SUV laboratory works; Karol Bagh for various apparatus/equipment used in your laboratory.

6. You are Neetu/Neel, Eco Club incharge of S.V.C. school Motibagh, Delhi. Place an order with Green World Nursery, Dayabasti for Nonflowering Ornamental plants.

7. You are Shivani/Shivam, Incharge of Cultural, committee of Jai Deep School, Nehru Vihar. You had placed an order for the supply of several musical instruments for organising annual day, at your school to M/s Gagan Musical Store, Karolbagh, As the dealer did not supply the instruments before the due date you were forced to arrange for the instruments from some other store. Write a letter to the dealer for cancellation of the order placed by you and returning the advance money deposited by you.


Please refer to attached file for CBSE Class 12 English Letter-Writing


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