CBSE Class 12 English Core Syllabus 2017-2018

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CBSE Class 12 English Core Syllabus 2017-2018. Download the latest syllabus to do your studies as per the latest guidelines issued by CBSE NCERT. The syllabus, weightage of chapters, blue print of question papers and the design of question papers is issued every year for the benefit of students. Access all syllabus for all subjects here.



Unit-wise Weightage

Section Unit/Area of Learning Marks

A- Reading Comprehension 30

B- Advance Writing Skills 30

C- Literature & Long Reading Text 40 (i) Flamingo + Value Based (ii) Supplementary Reader

- Vistas + Novel - The Invisible Man


30 Marks

Reading : Unseen Passages and Note-making

Two unseen passages with a variety of very short answer / short answer or MCQ type questions

to test comprehension, interpretation and inference. Vocabulary such as word formation and

inference of meaning will also be tested.

The total length of the two passages will be between 1100 and 1200 words. The passage will

include two of the following:

a) Factual passages, e.g., instructions, descriptions, reports.

b) Descriptive passages involving opinion, e.g., argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text.

c) Literary passages, e.g., extract from fiction, drama, poetry, essay or biography. A poem could

be of 28-35 lines.

• The passages can be literary, factual or discursive to test comprehensions. The length of

one passage should be between 600-700 words.

• A third passage of 400-500 words for note-making and abstraction.


30 Marks

Writing Skills

• Short Answer Questions, Advertisement, Notices, Designing or drafting Posters, writing

Formal and Informal Invitations and Replies.

• Long Answer Questions: Letters based on verbal / visual input.

Letter types include

• Business or official letters (for making enquiries, registering complaints, asking for and








giving information, placing orders and sending replies)

• Letters to the Editor (giving suggestions or opinion on issues of public interest

• Application for a job

Very Long Answer Questions: Two compositions based on visual and/or verbal Input may be

descriptive or argumentative in nature such as an article, a debate , a speech , or a Report.



Flamingo and Vistas 40 Marks

Very short answer questions - Based on an extract from poetry to test comprehension and


Short Answer Questions - Based on prose / drama / poetry from both the texts.

Long Answer Question - Based on texts to test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond

the texts to bring out the key messages and values.

Long Answer Question - Based on texts to test global comprehension along with analysis and


Long Answer Question - Based on theme, plot and incidents from the prescribed novels.

Long Answer Question - Based on understanding appreciation, analysis and interpretation of

the character sketch from the prescribed novels.

Prescribed Books

1. Flamingo: English Reader published by NCERT

2. Vistas: Supplementary Reader published by NCERT

Note: Long answer question based on values can be given in the writing section or in the

literature section.

Lessons Deleted

Flamingo - 1. Poets and Pancakes

2. The Interview

3. A Road Side Stand (Poetry)

Vistas - 4. The Third Level

5. Journey to the End of the Earth

Long Reading Text/Novel (either one)

The Invisible Man (unabridged) by H.G. Wells

Silas Marner (unabridged) by George Eliot


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