CBSE Class 12 Geography Human Nature And Scope

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Geography is a field - study, an integrative, empirical, scientific and practical discipline, it studies

each and every event on the surface of the earth over the time and space, human geography

studies the relationship between human and nature.

Geography can be studied through law making or descriptive. There are two approaches used

in the study of geography – 1. Systematic approach 2. Regional Approach


“Human geography is the synthetic study of relationship between human societies & earth s

surface”. -Ratzel

Synthesis has been emphasized in the above definition.

“Human geography is the study of “the changing relationship between the un-resting man and

the unstable earth.” - Ellen C. Semple

Dynamism in the relationship is the keyword in Semple S definition.

“Conception resulting from a more synthetic knowledge of the physical laws governing our earth

and of the relations between the living beings which inhabit it”. - Paul Vidal de la Blache


Human geography studies the inter relationship between the physical environment and sociocultural

environment created by man. Elements of physical are land, water, soil, climate, flora

& fauna etc. Elements of cultural are transport and communication, settlements, crops etc.


Man interacts with nature with the help of technology. It is not important that what he creates

but with what tools he used to create. Technology indicates the level of cultural development

of society. Understanding the nature helps to create technology. Understanding of friction and

heat helped to discover fire. Understanding DNA helped to eradicate diseases. Laws of

thermodynamics helped to develop fast planes. Knowledge about nature is extremely important

to develop technology and technology loosens the shackles of environment on human being.

The interaction between primitive society and strong forces of nature is called “Environmental



With the development of technology people understood the nature well. They move from state

of necessity to state of possibilities. Human activities created cultural landscapes, so it is called

as possibilism.



1. Introduced by Griffith Taylor in 1920, an Australian Scholar.

2. It is a middle path (madhyam marg) between environmental determinism and possibilism.

The concept shows that neither is there a situation of absolute necessity nor is there a

condition of absolute freedom. Sustainable development is the main aim. The Neo

determinism maintains balance between development and nature.




Concerned with social well-being of the people a. housing b. Health c. Education


Concerned with causes of poverty, deprivation and social and gender inequality


Given importance to lived experience, perception of space by Social categories

One Mark Questions

1. Who proposed the concept of Neo –determinism?

Ans. Griffith Taylor

2. Which sub field of Geography is called Demography?

Ans. Population geography.

3. Which subject is called the mother of all branches of knowledge?

Ans. Geography


Three Marks Questions

1. What is Naturalization of Humans?

Ans. 1. Human activities are controlled and governed by Environment.

2. Man is treated as a passive agent .

3. Human adjustment in the environment with the help of available technology.

4. Example of Benda life in Abujhamaad area of central India.

2. What is humanization of Nature?

Ans. Man is treated as an independent and active agent.

Everywhere there are possibilities and man is the master of these possibilities.

Man can transform nature by culture and technological knowledge.

Example of Cari residing in Trondheim (Norway)

3. Distinguish between regional approach and systematic approach of Geography.

Systematic Approach Regional Approach

1. Based on political units 1. Based on geographical units

2. Single element is taken for studies 2. Based on similarities

Such as climate

Five Marks Question

1. Mention three Characteristics of Neo –Determinism.

Ans. Introduced by Griffith Taylor

Reflects the middle path between the ideas of Environmental determinism and possibilism.

Emphasizes in solving the problems without damaging the environment

It believes in the concept of stop and Go Determinism.

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