CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Sample Paper 2017 (6)

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CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Sample Paper 2017 (6). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

SECTION – A (All questions are compulsory)

Q.1 Solve : 3 –




Q.2 Write the formula for finding the range of a given data.

Q.3 If


− x

= 7, find x.

Q.4 State the exterior angle property of a triangle.

Q.5 Two line segments are congruent if ________.

SECTION – B (All questions are compulsory)

Q.6 Find the median of 14, 7, 13, 23, 16, 3 and 18.

Q.7 Solve 4(m+3) = 18.

Q.8 Find x, y and z in the given figure.

Q.9 DABC is right angled at C. If AB=13cm and BC=12cm. Find the length of AC.

Q.10 Find the mean and mode of the following data.

10, 8, 5, 8, 4, 3, 9, 8, 7, 8

SECTION – C (Attempt any ten questions)

Q.11 Find the product using suitable properties.

i) 725 × 35 + 725 × 65 ii) 8 × 67 × 125

Q.12 Solve –

i) 1329 ÷ 1000 ii) 153.1 × 1000

iii) 0.03 × 0.2 iv) 4 × 6



Q.13 a) A number from 1 to 20 is chosen at random. What is the probability of

choosing –

i) a prime number ii) an even number

b) Find the mean of first 5 whole numbers.

Q.14 Age of Muskan’s father is 4 years more than 5 times Muskan’s age. What is the present

age of Muskan, if her father is 34 years old?

Q.15 a) Find the angle which is equal to its supplement.

b) In the given figure, check whether l // m or not.


AM is a median of a DABC. Show that –

AB + BC + CA > 2AM



Q.17 Fill in the blanks.

a) 235 ÷ _______ = 235 b) (–32) ÷ _______ = (–1)

c) _______ × (–1) = 20 d) (–1) + _______ = (–3)

e) (–625) × _______ = 0.

Q.18 Which is greater













Q.19 Write equations for the following statements.

a) The sum of y and 10 is 27.

b) 8 times a number x added to 19 is 107.

c) Half of y is 33.

d) 3 subtracted from 5 times z is 12.

e) 4 added to the quotient of t and 7 gives 20.

Q.20 In the adjoining figure, name the following pairs of angles.

a) Obtuse vertically opposite angles.

b) Adjacent complementary angles.

c) Equal supplementary angles.

d) Unequal supplementary angles.

e) Adjacent angles that do not form a linear pair.

Q.21 A storm caused a tree to fall from a height of 6m above the ground. The 2 parts of the

tree did not separate and the tree top touches the ground at a distance of 8m from its base.

What was the actual height of the tree?

Q.22 Alisha’s mother told her to get some vegetables from the market. She purchased 2




tomatoes, 4



kg spinach and 3



kg onions. What is the total weight of vegetables

purchased by Alisha? What value is depicted by Alisha towards her mother?

SECTION – D (Attempt any five questions)

Q.23 In a class test containing 15 questions, 4 marks are given for every correct answer and -2

marks are given for every incorrect answer.

a) Nisha attempts all questions but only 9 of her answers are correct. What is her

total score?

b) Riya gets only 5 answers correct. What will be her score?

Q.24 In a class of 40 students,



of the total number of students like to study English,



of the

total number of students like to study Mathematics and the remaining students like to

study Science.

a) How many students like to study English?

b) How many students like to study Mathematics?

c) How many students like to study Science?

Q.25 Solve –

a) 0 = 18 + 9(m – 2)

b) 16m = 96




– 15 = –1

Q.26 In the given figure p//q. If Ð1 = 470, find the remaining angles.

Q.27 The diagonals of a rhombus measure 16 cm and 30cm. Find its perimeter.

Q.28 In the given figure AB=AC and AD is the bisector of ÐBAC.



i) Is DADB @ DADC? Give reasons.

ii) Is ÐB = ÐC ? Give reasons.

Q.29 A vehicle covers a distance of 20km in 1 litre of petrol.

i) Find how much distance will be covered in 5 litres of petrol.

ii) Find the amount of petrol that will be required by the vehicle to cover a

distance of 85 kms.

Q.30 The number of boys and girls in various clubs of a school are given below.

Debating Hindi Maths Music Theatre

Girls 35 20 50 40 45

Boys 25 15 70 35 35

Draw a double bar graph to represent the above data.


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