CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Sample Paper 2017 (4)

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CBSE Class 7 Mathematics Sample Paper 2017 (4). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.


Q.1 Find



of 30.

Q.2 A coin is flipped to decide which team starts the game. What is the probability that your

team will start?

Q.3 Find m if



= 6

Q.4 A _______ connects a vertex of a triangle to the mid point of the opposite side.

Q.5 Two circles are congruent if ________________________.


Q.6 Following are the ages ( in years) of 10 people in a group: 23, 35 , 32, 22, 25, 40, 42,

36, 45, 33.

i) Find the age of the oldest person of the group

ii) Find the age of the youngest person of the group

iii) Find the range of the above data.

Q.7 Solve : 4(m+3) = 18

Q.8 Find x, y and z

Q.9 Find a, b and c in the given figure

Q.10 State True/False:

i) The mode is always one of the numbers in a data

ii) The number of times a particular observation occurs is called its mean.

iii) A bar graph is a representation of numbers using bars of uniform width.


Q.11 Subtract the quotient of (-12) ÷ 4 from the product of (-12) and 4.

Q.12 If the cost of a register is Rs.7



, find the number of registers that can be purchased for





Q.13 Find the mean, median and mode of the following data:

14, 15, 13, 14, 12, 11, 11, 14, 12, 15, 13, 11, 12, 11, 23, 14, 14

Q.14 Solve :







y − =

Q.15 In the adjoining figure, name one pair of angles that are:

i) Vertically opposite angles

ii) Linear pair

iii) Adjacent angles that do not form a linear pair

iv) Complementary angles

v) Unequal supplementary angles

Q.16 A storm caused a tree to fall from a height of 6m above the ground. The two parts of the

tree did not separate and the treetop touches the ground at a distance of 8m from its base.

What was the actual height of the tree?

Q.17 Solve using suitable properties :

i) 52 × (-98) + 52 × (-2) ii) 8 × 77 × (-125)

Q.18 Divya bought 150 kg 250 g pulses, 500 kg 750 g wheat and 275kg 500g rice. She sent all

these things to the flood affected areas in the rainy season.

a) Which grain was bought in maximum quantity?

b) How much total quantity did she buy?

c) What moral (value) do you learn from it?

Q.19 Age of Sharanya’s father is 4 years more than five times Sharanya’s age. What is

Sharanya’s present age if her father is 34 years old?

Q.20 In the adjoining figure identify:

i) Two pairs of corresponding angles

ii) One pair of alternate interior angles

iii) One pair of vertically opposite angles

iv) One pair of alternate exterior angles

Q.21 PS is the median of the triangle PQR. Is PQ + QR + RS > 2 PS ?

Q.22 Which is greater :





of or





of ?


Q.23 In a quiz based programme there are three teams A, B and C. There are total five rounds

in a game; 20 marks are given for each correct answer and -10 marks for each wrong

answer. No marks are deducted for not attempting a question. Which team won the game


• Team – A gave 3 correct answers and 2 wrong answers.

• Team – B gave 2 correct answers, 2 wrong answers and they didn’t attempt 1


• Team – C gave 3 correct answers, 1 wrong answer and they didn’t attempt 1


Q.24 Find the perimeters of triangle ABE and rectangle BCDE.

Q.25 In an isosceles triangle, the vertex angle is thrice of either base angles. Find the

measures of angles of the triangle.

Q.26 In the adjoining figure line p is parallel to line q and t is the transversal. Find Ða, Ðb,

Ðc, Ðd, Ðe and Ðf.

Q.27 Find the perimeter of the rectangle whose length is 40cm and a diagonal is 41cm.

Q.28 In the given figure, AB = AC and AD is the bisector of ÐBAC.

i) State three pairs of equal parts in triangles ADB and ADC.

ii) Is DADB @DADC? Give reasons.

iii) Is ÐB = ÐC? Give reason.

Q.29 Fill in the blanks:

i) 7 paise = Rs.______

ii) 3 kg 2 gm = ____ kg

iii) 25cm = ____ m

iv) 612 mm = _____ cm

v) 315 m = ____ km

vi) 82 Rs 2 p = Rs ____

Q.30 The number of girls and boys in the various clubs of a school are given below:

Clubs Dramatic Literary Maths Eco Consumer

Girls 35 20 50 40 45

Boys 25 15 70 35 45

Draw a double bar graph to represent the above data.


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