CBSE Class 7 Science Question Paper SA 2 2012

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Subject : SCIENCE

Time : 2½ hrs. Class : VIIth

Very short Answer Questions :- 

Q.1 What is an odometer ?

Q.2 Name the material used for making -

      (a) Heating element of an electric heater.

      (b) filament of an electric bulb.

Q.3 When is the 'world water day' celebrated ?

Short Answer Question :- 

Q.4 Which part of the heart :-

    (a) receive blood from the lungs.

    (b) pumps blood to the lungs.

    (c) pumps blood into the body organs (except lungs)

    (d) receive blood from the body parts (except lungs)

Q.5 What is polination ? Name the two types of pollination.

Q.6 Define speed. Write the formula for calculating speed.

Q.7 What is an electromagnet ? Write the Definition.

Long Answer Questions :-

Q.8 Explain the exchange of gases in the alveolus. 

Q.9 (a) Draw the labelled diagram of human excreatory system. 

      (b) Name two types of vascular tissue present in the plant. 

Q.10 What are the components of blood and their functions ? 

Q.11 How do animals help in the dispersal of seeds and fruits ? 

Q.12 A car takes one hour to cover a distance of 36 km. Calculate its speed in km/h and m/s. 

Q.13 Write the difference between uniform and nonuniform motion (any three). 

Q.14 (a) Draw a diagram of electric circuit consisting of 2 cell in a series with a electric switch in on position, electric bulb and resistance. Show the direction of flow of current. 

        (b) How wastage of electricity reduced by CFL. 

Q.15 What are the characterstics of the image formed by a plane mirror explain with diagram. 

Q.16 With the help of ray diagram define following :- 

        (a) focus of a convex lens.

        (b) optical centre of a convex lens.

        (c) focal length of a convex lens.

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