CBSE Class 7 Practice Question Bank

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Read the story given below and choose the correct option:

David wants to buy a Christmas present for a very special person, his mother. David's father gives him Rs.5.00 a week pocket money and David puts Rs.2.00 a week into his bank account. After three months David takes Rs.20.00 out of his bank account and goes to the shopping mall. He looks and looks for a perfect gift. Suddenly he sees a beautiful brooch in the shape of his favourite pet. He says to himself "Mother loves jewelry, and the brooch costs only Rs.l7.00." He buys the brooch and takes it home. He wraps the present in Christmas paper and places it under the tree. He is very excited and he is looking forward to Christmas morning to see the joy on his mother's face. But when his mother opens the present she screams with fright because she sees a spider. On the basis of your reading of the above passage, choose the correct option:

1. What does David want to buy his Mother?

a) a special birthday present b) a Christmas present

c) a spider ring d) a surprise gift

2. Who does David get his money from?

a) his pet b) his mother c) his uncle d) his father

3. A suitable title for the story would be:

a) The Spider b) The Brooch c) The Christmas gift d) The Present

Fill in the blanks with the correct option:

4. Our school is very old but I am not sure when it was ……………

a) find b) founded c) found d) finds

5. Villagers often …………. trees for fuel.

a) fell b) fall c) fallen d) will fall

6. . ………….. English I like History.

a) beside b) with c) along d) besides

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