How to score well in the CBSE class 12th Biology exam?

As it is the beginning of a new school year, every 11th class CBSE passed student is eager and making plans on how to score the best in their class 12th CBSE boards. It definitely is a good start to reach their goal of scoring 90+ percentages in the exams.

Students who have opted for the science stream often get very stressed upon how they are going to perform, let me tell you something…scoring a 90+ percentage is not at all an arduous task but definitely isn’t something that can be done overnight which aptly explains the sayings “Rome was not built in a day.”  When it comes to the science stream, students who have opted for biology often complain and get perturbed about how they are going to score, need not worry anymore because this article will provide a detailed account of how to score high in the CBSE class 12th biology exam.   

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The following are the amazing and practical tips to score high in CBSE 12th Class Biology Exam:

1.   Follow the principle of the three C’s: By the three C’s I mean COOL, CALM and CONFIDENT, without these three factors in life no one will be able to succeed in anything. So, the first and foremost thing we should keep in mind is, stay cool and calm, we should never panic when we do not understand a certain concept or don’t understand a question in the test paper because it accelerates stress in the mind and messes up everything, we should always stay confident and tell ourselves that we can do it!
2.   Always be ahead of the game: You should always make a proper plan or strategy before starting anything as it was once said that ‘A strategy is an informed opinion about how to win.’
3.   Consistency is a key to success: Whether it is in a workspace or in school consistency is a key factor, you have always been consistent in your exams and has always been up to date with the syllabus taught by not keeping any backlogs in the syllabus.
4.   Always defeat yourself: A great man once said, “You are your greatest competition” and it is very true, you should set goals in such a way that we keep improving in every test.
5.   Build on your strengths, but also be careful with your weaknesses: what are my weaknesses and how do I overcome them? This question should always be on the back of your head, you can answer this question by taking out your previous exam answer sheets of the unit tests and pre-boards. Go through them thoroughly and analyze your strengths and weaknesses.
6.   Time will kill your marks; it’s more dangerous than a death trap in an exam point of view: time management should be taken seriously and implemented, not only in the exam point of view but also while preparing time once lost never comes back, Remember "time and tide wait for none.”
7.   “Practice makes perfect”: practice all the important chapters and questions and diagrams thoroughly.

 Now, moving on to the subject related matter:


1.   NCERT is the heart and soul of any CBSE based exam: The NCERT is like the holy bible or the Quran or the Bagvathgitha of CBSE. If you have a crystal-clear understanding of the concepts in the NCERT, you are good to go for the exam, but if you want to go a level higher you can always refer to a reference book.

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Biology isn’t an easy subject; it’s a very Heavy course and requires multiple readings and revisions of the NCERT textbook.

2.   Labs make a difference: Make sure to pay attention to lab sessions and perform experiments actively. Active participation gives you a practical approach to the subject.
3.   Weigh out the importance: understand the weight age and marks distribution of each and every chapter, and prepare accordingly.
4.   Channel your inner creativity: Diagrams play a very important role in the marking scheme of a CBSE exam. So, DO NOT avoid diagrams, practice all the important diagrams and make sure to label it properly to collect all the small and big marks in your pocket, highlighting some key features of the diagram also helps. Adding flow charts to your answers also interests the examiner.
5.   Make learning easy: If you don’t understand a certain topic or cant, memorize something, create mnemonics and songs or look at videos.
6.   Follow a reference book if needed:

• Elementary biology (volume-2) by Bhatia K.N

• Together with biology, S.Chand • Biology by Campbell and Reece

  • Trueman’s elementary biology Volume 1 for XI 01 edition by
    • Bhatia K.N

 • N.C.E.R.T. book with solutions and N.C.E.R.T. Exemplar

 • You don’t even need to go to a book store because all these books can be found on our handy dandy online store Amazon.

7.   Go through all the previous year’s papers thoroughly as there are chances of repeats in questions, these answers should be on your fingertips. Take sample tests, publishers like Oswald and Arihant have good sample test series.


Now moving on to the Day of the exam: 

  1. You need to have complete 8-hours of sleep the day before, should be hydrated and should have a balanced meal.
  2. Do not skip breakfast.
  3. Do not panic and give your best.
  4. Keep track of time but do not keep writing until the bell rings, keep a couple of minutes in hand for revision and checking of answers.
  5. Keep up a good presentation from beginning to end of the answer script. If time permits you can also add color to your diagrams and underline the important points to make them pop.
  6. Start with your most comfy section; experts say to start with 5 marks, 3 marks and then 1 mark. Avoid jumbling the order of the questions because it irritates the examiner. Always go in a systematic manner.


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I would like to conclude this article by saying don’t over stress yourself just give your best shot and everything else will fall into place. Remember to study for learning and not for marks! Once you gain the knowledge, you in turn gain marks! So, enjoy every learning experience.


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