Differences between BCA, B.Sc Computer Science and B.Tech CS

A computer has become very much important nowadays because it can perform tasks very easily, accurate and fast. Due to the increasing usage of computers, there are so many jobs available in enormous fields.

If you are interested in working in fields of computers then these are the 3 main courses available for you i.e. BCA, B.TechComputer Science and B.Sc Computer Science. It may become confusing on how to differentiate between them and how to select the appropriate course in all of them.

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Bachelor’s of Computer Applications (BCA)

BCA is a 3-year undergraduate degree, specializing in computer applications. So, following are the topics you will study in BCA aremultimedia systems, web-based applications and basics of computer programming. After BCA student can also pursue a 2-year Masters of Computer Applications (MCA) degree course.

Career Opportunities after BCA: There are so many opportunities in the private sector, the public sector and also for self-employment. With a degree in BCA, you can find work as a system analyst, game developer, web design, IT technician support, technical associate etc.

Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science (B.Sc Computer Science)

B.Sc Computer Science is also a 3-year undergraduate degree. It focuses on the basic concepts of computer science and sets the strong base for the computer science field. The following are basic topics you will study in B.Sc computer science are programming concepts, disk operating systems and control structures.

Career Opportunities after B.Sc Computer Science:The strong foundational concepts of studying B.Sc Computer Science helps you to grab a lot of work opportunities. With a degree in B.Sc Computer Science, you can find work as a program analyst, software engineer, developer and programmer. Apart from these various jobs areas in which students can apply after B.Sc Computer Science are banking sector, system maintenance centres, government agencies, consultancies etc.

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Bachelor’s of Technology in Computer Science (B.Tech CS)

B.Tech CS is a 4-year degree in the field of engineering with a specialization in computer science. In B.Tech computer science you will study computer science in depth and is also a very popular stream in engineering in India. Mainly, it focuses on hardware, programming and designing. The following are the major topics you will study in B.Tech CS are coding languages, data structures, operating systems, algorithms analysis & design database management systems, and computer architecture.

Career Opportunities after B.Tech Computer Science: There are so many career opportunities for computer science graduates and also in great demand nowadays. With a degree in B.tech Computer Science, you can find work as a software engineer, software developer, test engineer, program analyst, network engineer, hardware engineer etc. Because of their huge demand students are often hired straight from the campus even. Apart from this students can also work with various firms are engineering firms, sales & marketing firms, government PSU’s, IT firms etc.

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Well, these are the major differences between in above 3 courses related to computer science. It also slightly differs irrespective to admission process or criteria. Find your own interests and skills to decide which course would suit you. I hope this article helps you to identify the best suited for you in among the 3 computer science courses. If you still have doubt stay connected with us!

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