2019 CBSE board exam how to score above 90% in mathematics

The central board of secondary education (CBSE) had started exams for 10th and 12th standards. The exams have started with the occupational subjects. The exams for the core subjects will start in few days time. The mathematics exam for class 10th is scheduled on 7th march. 18th March is scheduled date for the mathematics exam for class 12.

Mathematics is a subject that is basically numerical based. But, still most of the people are scared of the mathematics and start panicking specially when there mathematics exam come nearby. Hence, due to the stress and nervousness they cannot score well in mathematics exam. However, with more practice and concentration it is very easy for students to score more than 90% in mathematics.

So, here are some very affective tips to follow on the examination day for gettinghighest marks in your mathematics exams.

Practice Questions Papers

it is very important for the students to be familiar with the question pattern. Hence, to acquire the complete knowledge about the question patterns, students must follow the last 5 to 10 years question papers. They should attempt to solve them and se whether they could solve them correctly or not.  This will help the students to build their confidence level before the exams. You must practice these important questions for class 10 maths to get good marks.

Sample Question papers

Going through the sample papers are solving them as much as the students can is the best way of revision before the exams. But they have to ensure themselves that they are well thorough with the problems. Practice sample paper of class 10 maths to get distinction in exams.

NCERT Question Papers

90% of the questions of the CBSE exams are from NCERT. So, revising the other books on the very last minute may not be affective at all. The students should go through the ncert books just before their exams. The revision should go at least for 2 to 3 times. Along with that also solve the NCERT sample and question papers.

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Reading Question Paper

Taking too much of stress on the day of the examination may destroy your very effective practice and revisions. So, the students are requested no to take any stress on the day of examination. CBSE allots 15 minutes to go through the question paper. Now utilize this 15 minutes and students shouldmake a plan of which questions they want to attempt first and make the correct choice in the choice questions.

Time management

In CBSE board exams, mathematics question paper is divided into 4 sections- section A,B,C and D. The section A consists of 1 mark questions. The section B section consists of each question containing 2 marks. The questions of section C consists of questions containing 3 marks. The long questions are given in section D which 4 marks for each question. Therefore the students should be very fast but they should be calm and give their exams . they should manage the time, so that if they get stuck in one problem they can switch to a different question and attempt it in the last.

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The Pattern of inspection of the CBSE Board

CBSE instructed during correction, the teachers to do the step marking for the question, so the students can score more marks.  So, the students should make sure that while solving the problem they attempt all the questions step wise in order to get the extra marks. For mathematics categories like geometry , algebra and others then, the students should draw the diagram if required, but labeling them is must.


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