Best Time to Study for Students

Each one of you must have had this dilemma at least once in your lives. What time of the day is the best one to study? And if you have had this dilemma, then you most certainly would have had debates on it. Whether with your friends, your teachers or your parents. In this article, we try to clear up some ideas behind what studying time is the best for a student and what the benefits are.

The time of a day can most conveniently be divided into the morning time, essentially early morning hours or the night time. During the rest of the day, you are generally busy with a number of activities and may not get a specific dedicated time to study.

So let's take a look at both the different times and how they affect us.

Studying during the day

The best part about studying in the early morning hours is that you are fresh from a good night's sleep and ready to take in tons of new information.

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  1. That early morning energy is what will help you focus and concentrate on your studies in a much better manner.
  2. The natural sunlight available in the morning hours is very good for your eyes and provides the perfect light for reading.
  3. You can even create a group and study with your friends without disturbing anyone's parents as you might if you study at night.
  4. The natural body cycle is adapted to work in accordance with the day and night cycle and since you are in accordance with the cycle of nature, it greatly benefits you.

Studying at night

  1. The best part about studying at night is that there is immense peace and quiet all around you with almost no distractions at all.
  2. Studies suggest that our brain works creatively during the night-time and can help you come up with innovative and creative ideas for your projects and the like.
  3. When you go to sleep after studying, the information is retained in your mind and is fixed quite well. This will help you in remembering things and easily recalling them.
  4. If you wish to go to a public place like a library which is open all hours of the day, you will find it to be almost deserted and you can leisurely study all alone.

The most important part of this debate is not which time is the best to study, but rather to find the time which works best for you. If you're a night owl and prefer studying then, you must make sure that you aren't compromising on your sleeping hours. If you're someone who studies during the day, you must not compromise on your daily activities and chores you need to perform.

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So weigh the pros and cons of both the times and figure out a time which suits your body clock and your brain functioning. Once you have figured that out, make a plan and stick to it. The regularity will only help you study better.

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