Formative Assessment under CCE

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Within the class and school time only each subject must have only one Pen-Paper Test under formative assessment. The other modes of assessment must be a part of classroom interactive activities. Pen- Paper Test subject wise will be part of the Formative Assessment 1 in the first term and Formative Assessment 3 in the second term. Formative Assessment 1 and 3 in the form of Pen- Paper Test is likely to be held in the last week of July and the second week of December in each academic session. The marks secured by children out of 40 in the FA1andFA3   will be finally reduced to 10 respectively.

NOTE:A teacher needs to use a series of diagnostic tools like Class test (Written as well as Oral), Surprise Test, Class Responses, Minute Paper (Short descriptions are made by children which give the teacher immediate feedback. It can be done at the end of the class for understanding the effectiveness of teaching-learning process.) etc. during the course of instruction in order to take diagnostic measures for effective learning of children and enable them to write FA 1 and FA 3 with great ease and confidence. Even, the teacher needs to use the feedback of FA 1 and FA3 to take remedial measures to improve the performance of bloomers (slow learners) in SA 1 and SA 3 respectively so that the bloomers could get minimum `D` grade in all the subjects. 

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