World Disability Day – 3 rd December

The CBSE board has announced that the aim of observing World Disability day at school is to motivate and engage students from school age to develop an empathetic understanding towards day to day challenges faced by children with disability in their personal social academic and recreational aspects of life. Therefore, the Board desires that the schools may organize various activities during World Disability Day on 3rd December reflecting the aforementioned theme.

Few activities suggested are: -

For Classes VI to VIII:

  • · Slogan writing on ‘Prevention of Discrimination – Equitable Opportunities’
  • · Poster making on ‘Empowerment for Person with Disability’

For classes IX – X:

  • · Elocution on ‘Human Rights and Disability’
  • · Street play on ‘Participation of Persons with Disability in building a nation’

For classes XI – XII:

  • · Debate on ‘Inclusion vs Marginalization’
  • · Essay writing ‘Disability Provisions in India’

The above mentioned activities may be conducted in the school to create awareness about the role of Inclusive education in reducing discrimination and providing equitable opportunity and access for all.

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