Too Many Announcements Too Soon By CBSE: Their Effects

CBSE has been sending out quite a few circulars since the starting of this year. It sent out its circular for re-introduction of board exams from the session of the 2017-18, setting up a remodeled assessment structure in place of the already existing CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) system.

CBSE’s season of circulars began on January 31, when it announced restoration of the Class 10 Board exams from the 2017-18 session, replacing CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) with a remodeled assessment structure. While the CCE was introduced few years back to reduce the burden of studies but with the re-introduction of board exams students would have to focus on one final yearly exam instead of two exams per semester. In the annual exam from next year each exam would hold value of 100 marks, out of which 80 would be from the exam and 20 from internal assessments.

There were 2 announcements made on March 9; one for Class 10 and other one for class 12. For Class 10, a new vocational subject was added to the list of already existing 5 (Social Science, math, two languages and science). While the 7 electives along with the 34 vocational courses were scrapped off from the syllabus of Classes 11 and 12 due to low enrolment.

Another circular issued on March 15 read that now the Class 10 grade sheet would not see any inclusion of Class 9 marks. Also, the schools were asked to upload the CCE result data on the CBSE online portal.

Latest circular issued by CBSE on March 21 brought a significant change for students of Class 6 onwards who would now have to appear for exams on semester basis, one half-yearly and an annual exam. It is basically to ensure that the students get use to the examination system and are well-equipped for their board exams in Class 10.


These sudden changes introduced by CBSE got mixed reactions from students, teachers and parents. Most teachers and school authorities are of the view that the students as well as the schools require time to adjust to the re-introduced board system. Also, many think that too many changes were announced within a short span of time and their implementation altogether may prove to be quite difficult. But, what exactly will happens still remains to be seen and is something only time could tell.

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