Tips for the upcoming examinations

Last years CBSE topper was Sukriti Gupta who made headlines for scoring 99.4 per cent in Class 12 examination. Currently she is pursuing B Tech from IIT Delhi.

She has advised the students as per the following points to study for the CBSE examinations :

a)     Always concentre on the concepts, be a regular student and put in a lot of effort on a regular basis. Whenever there is any doubt then the students should visit the teachers without hesitation.

b)     Practise the question papers of previous years by simulating  the eamination conditions at home, you can take help of your parents for this. This will help you to time yourself and understand how you will perform in the examinations.

c)     Some students are appearing for the JEE examinations too, this will help in preparation for CBSE class 12 exams too as the syllabus more or less remains the same just the pattern of question changes.

d)     Don’t forget to relax, avoid distractions like facebook, watsapp etc, try to go for a walk, do some exercise or read newspaper etc.

e)      Interteract with your seniors to get some more understanding of their learnings or challenges. Understand from teachers too on what do they expect will come in the coming examinations. Practise as many as possible sample papers issued by CBSE and good publishers for the upcoming CBSE examinations.

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