Some Suggested Courses to do in Computers When you are in School

Computers and software have become present everywhere. From booking a railway ticket to watching an IPL match on a smartphone, it is all down to coding and software. It is not surprising that the computer and software industry will provide the bulk of jobs in the coming years. Currently, India has 5.2 million employees who develop software, and the number will increase exponentially in the coming years as everything comes online due to the “Internet of Things” based on 5G technology.

It is essential to be exposed to programming at an early age. Of course, some of the basics are covered in school curricula, but coding goes far beyond that and is all about developing the confidence to execute projects. Thankfully in recent years, a considerable number of free courses have become available from Khan Academy to Codeacademy and Udemy which impart basic project management skills to school graduates.

At one-time, computer courses used to mean learning the MS Office and few lines of HTML. The needs have changed dramatically. There is a requirement for young minds to go in depth and learn at least 3 languages. This is not really very difficult since most computer languages are related to each other and mastering one lead to another.

The languages that are easiest to master are listed below -

HTML - The native language of the web - introduced in 1990 - is seen by 13.3 percent of web developers as the easiest to learn. The language is primarily intended for creating web pages. HTML is now in its 5th version, making it much easier to add multimedia elements. There are many free basic courses available online, such as Udacity and

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Python - The consistency and simplicity make Python one of the best readable programming languages and is therefore recommended for beginning programmers. A free online course can be found at Codeacademy and, among others.

Javascript - This language is popular for linking promotions to web pages. Experts opine that is the probably the most straightforward language to learn. The language uses elements of C, C ++ and Java. Developers also find it the language that most facilitates the creativity of programmers. Udacity and Codeacademy offer free courses.

PHP - In addition to Javascript, PHP is the most important language for providing a web page with executable scripts. PHP can be processed directly in the HTML code.

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Java - This language - introduced in 1991 - is the most versatile and independent language to program in, many programmers say. A large number of school students believe this is the easiest to learn. You can make a good start at Udemy.

R - Especially for programming statistical calculations and associated graphic elements, there is the language R. A basic course is offered by Datacamp (free) and Coursera (not free, but well written)
Shell - It is a language for administrative purposes in Unix, such as managing files, starting programs and printing texts. Pick up the basics for free at

Ruby - Praised for its creative possibilities, Ruby has been developed to make this as simple as possible for developers. Try it yourself for free at Codeacademy and Code School.

Erlang - This language has been developed for programming tasks that overlap (parallel computing) on a single machine or on distributed systems. You can take the first steps for free at

Go - Google developed this language for the construction of web applications that are invoked by a large number of users. Competitive computing is an essential feature and Go is optimized for that. According to the respondents, Go is one of the most intuitive programming languages ever written.

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