New Rules for Dress Code of CBSE Board Exam Candidates

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has come up with certain rules regarding the dress code of candidates appearing for the board examinations.

The candidates have been specified what they should wear while coming for their examination as follows:

  1. The regular school students are required to come for the exam in their regular school uniform only.
  2. The private students are allowed to wear their own clothes but can only wear light coloured clothes inside the examination hall.

These steps have been taken as a way to prevent cheating using chits and bits of paper the students have tried to sneak into the exam hall in the board previously. This change of instructions and the correct dress code has been mentioned on the Admit Cards of all the students.

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There are also some other important rules which have been set by the CBSE for the board examinations this year.

  1. There will be 33% more of internal choices in the board papers. This means even the short answer questions will now have internal choices apart from the long answer ones.
  2. The candidates have to ensure that they report at their exam centre before 10 AM and not a minute later, else they would not be allowed entry.
  3. The Admit Cards need to be brought to the exam hall with the candidates, without which they would not be allowed to sit for the examinations.
  4. Each class will have 24 students seated and they will all be given certain specific seats. They need to ensure they sit on the seat allotted to them an do not move around during the duration of the examination.
  5. The candidates are not allowed to carry any old question papers into the exam centre. This comes under the rule of no papers or written material of any kind being allowed.

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There is an exam centre app locator which can be downloaded by the students to reach the venue correctly and on time. The CBSE is following strict regulations this year in the wake of an alleged leak of papers last year and hence the students need to strictly adhere to the instructions to ensure their candidature is not cancelled.

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